Disruptive entertainment

Kanyi’s face contorted in slow motion and flung in synchrony with the blow that smashed her jaw in a tenth time, she fell to the ground convulsing and spitting blood. The renderer of the punch was standing over her hurling profanities and reminding her that he owned her. “…you have no right you hear me? No right!” was all she heard as he faded in and out of her now deafening and bleeding right ear. Kanyi had spent the last half hour being pummeled by a one eyed monster, Solace.

“I will lose, quite terribly but I will go down fighting!” She yelled just half an hour before the numerous knock outs. With every knock to the ground Kanyi shook it off and got back up again. What was she trying to prove and to whom? No one knew, neither did they care. This fight was worth the watch. Rendo town hadn’t had that much action since King Ruminous was publicly circumcised and officially announced the right heir to the throne. Rendo had 3 weeks of life’s monotony, humans and ogres worked side by side.

It was just three days prior that Dote Kingdom had conquered the Yido. Yido was the land of the 10 ft Cyclopes. Now destitute, deprived, these gigantic creatures, skill less and only trained warriors were thirsty for ‘normal’ combatant life at all cost. To entertain themselves, residents of Rendo created Cyclone, a form of street combat between idle blood thirsty Cyclopes and humans.

Kanyi was part of the infantry that stormed Dote. She had had her eyes on new opponents. She like the Cyclopses was thirsty for blood. Street fights were her muse. In this world women never married and men were banished from the Kingdom at 21 years to sow their ‘royal oats’ in neighbouring kingdoms to strengthen the Kingdom’s reign. It was believed that once a ‘seed’ of Rendo was present in a Kingdom it was forever under the dominion of Rendo. Most young men chose to remain where they migrated to. Those who return do so in their early to mid thirties to amazonic women; soldiers and guardians of the kingdom.

As Solace raised its gargantuan grey and scaly arms to celebrate, he ignored the rumbling behind him. Behind him Kanyi rose spat out the blood in her mouth spewing out a tooth. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and leapt Solace’s back and performed the sleeper hold on him. Solace groaned tossing and turning attempting to reach his back and peel the agile woman off. Solace fell to his knees, just as Kanyi pulled her dagger to rip open his throat her hand was grabbed in mid air.

The crowd now riled up and baying for blood suddenly froze in silence. Kanyi tugged attempting to break her hand free, eyes fixated on her target. After several failed attempts to break free she looked in the direction of the disruption, and froze, the dagger dropped and the crowd quickly dispersed amidst mutters.


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