We did it!

Hai! Hai! Hai! Hai! The men chanted triumphantly, kicking up the dust beneath their feet waving local football club scarfs in the air, heads bobbed up and down the crowd was ecstatic, fans were screaming so hard they looked like their face would rip off. They had done it! Never before in the history of the World Cup did Kenya think it would get to the World Cup let alone win it. Sumra fell to the ground kissing it and tearing.

Ng’etich had been away from home for so long, but being able to be home after 25 years to watch his country at the Kasarani stadium play the finals had him bellowing the national anthem without the normal Germanic inflection he had in conversation. One woman flung her shirt off revealing a vest laden with the message, “ A kiss for the entire Kenya team.” The jumbotron was now showing her vest, the crowd went wild!

“Steam! Steam! Panda! Steam Steam! Panda Panda!” The crowd chanted incorporating stomping with the Mexican wave, it was electric. Ululation permeated the stadium, the red, black, white and green flew high in the stadium with songs of victory flooding the stadium. “Obama! Lupita! Harambee Stars! “The stadium went wild it was chanting, singing and dancing, crying and fainters sprawled in the stands.

Anto was seated immobile on his seat, hands in his palms shielding his tears. He had hustled for 2 years to get cash to afford the match’s ticket. Never in his wildest dreams did the 17 year old from Landi Mawe figure he would be observing history first hand. He had walked from Landi Mawe to Kasarani, he didn’t have a cent to his name save for his ticket. Now he had the stub lodged between his forehead and palm. He kept shaking his head as if in disbelief. He was so thrilled. He started to tap his foot to the rhythm in the stadium, and lowered his hands to his thighs and shook his head singing the Kenyan National Anthem in repeat, he cried, tears streaming down his face; he looked cleansed by the moment.

He arose and waved in the air, ‘KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” He screamed it over and over again till his voice went sore. Anto had one dream as he sat for his high school exams; that he would watch any World Cup game live at home. Never in his wildest dream did he imagine that Harambee stars would beat the Samba boys on home soil. After 10 World Cup wins for Brazil and Kenya never going past the World cup qualifiers, he couldn’t believe his luck. It was Victory for Kenya but most of all for Anto!


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