Dangerous Love

The music was blaring it was deafening. The couple was completely drowned in each other’s eyes so close they probably breathed each other’s air. The lady waist high to the man, her neck craned to meet her king’s eyes. She giggled childishly, with every giggle the man shuddered in laughter. He held her by her waist clamp tight, no one was going to steal her from him tonight. Jewel and Kendi had been on a six month whirlwind romance and nothing was about to stop them.

It didn’t matter who they were with or where they were, Kendi and Jewel were always in their own world. It was cute at the beginning, the girls demanding more attention from their men, but lately it was now annoying to their friends. They were completely antisocial and obsessed with gazing into each other’s eyes. This Friday evening, Anabel who was single and bitter slammed one of her empty beer bottles on Jewel’s head.

“Kwani you think you are the only ones who know love?” She barked trying to overpower the blasting music. People didn’t even notice what was going on. The music was so loud, the air was thick sweaty and drunk. The DJ scratched and brought everything to a halt when he heard some screaming over one of his sets.

Jewel was on the floor blacked out; Anabel was spitting profanities fighting back a persistent gag. Kendi was screaming and in tears. The room fell silent and heels scampered out of the room the few that stayed lifted Jewel off the floor and rushed him to the car. Then two close friends of Kendi’s picked her sobbing messy self-up and ushered her to the parking lot. Anabel was left now throwing up on the floor with vomit all over her clothes and her platinum blonde weave. She looked like something out of a really bad pop music video.

They were about 20 friends in the club that night. No one said anything to reprimand Anabel they just left her there. They barely glanced at her when they picked the couple up from the vomit laden dance floor. They had had it with Anabel. In the parking lot a brawl ensued. Koros and Mandy his girlfriend were arguing over an unpaid booze bill, they had been arguing for months over cash. And that seemed to override their friends need for help. No one would have cared had they not been the one with car large enough to fit the couple. The rest were coupled on motorbikes. Then the arguing ensued with Jewel bleeding profusely and now losing consciousness, Kendi sobbing helplessly and lost for words. She had been screaming, “HELP HIM! PLEASE HELP HIM!” for the last 15 minutes and was now out of air.


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