Romantic failure

Karen would have won an award for the most unappealing date ever, repeatedly. She was now 30 years old and had never been on a date or asked out on a date. She wasn’t unattractive quite the contrary she was jaw droopingly gorgeous, voluptuous, average in height with a killer smile and eyes that would slay any suitor. She was intelligent, the kind that would make her Albert Einstein’s protégé. Physics and politics were her first true love.

She wasn’t a workaholic; she was modest and very polite. Then what was it about Karen that made her ‘unappealing’? No one knew, she spent most of her time in her apartment when she turned 30; she went in to major depression.

“I haven’t even been kissed Rose!! A damn KISS?”

Rose sat in silence hearing Karen vent. She couldn’t say much because her love life was at its peak with an engagement ring to boot. She was as beautiful and as smart as Karen but she was the heartthrob that Karen never seemed to be.

“I am 30 years old Rose and I haven’t ever been on a date.” She began to sob. Rose held her in her arms and began to cry with her. Their sobbing was disrupted by the doorbell.

“Let me get that.” Rose stood and headed for the front door. Rose looked through the peephole and there at the door stood a gorgeous man dressed in a black tuxedo with red roses in his hand. Rose had a smirk on her face and looked toward Karen’s bedroom door before she opened the door.

“What took you so long Stano?”

“You think getting a suit like this is easy.”

“Tux you mean?’

“Whatever, si I look good.”

“Who is it?” Karen emerged from her room with red eyes still sniveling. Rose shoved her back in to her room.

“Give me a sec; I will be back with you shortly.” Rose urged.

“Who was that Rose? Rose?!” Karen demanded as Rose slammed the bedroom door shut.

“What took you so long to get here? You were supposed to be serenading her, and saving her from her misery by now.”

“Si I am here now Rose, I got the Limo which we need to be in quick because time is money.” Stano gestured at his wrist.

“Fine!” Rose went to the room as Stano stood by the front door, his eyes glazing over the apartment. He heard yelling and some commotion and the bedroom door flung open.

“Unbelievable! Rose put you up to this?” Karen yelled.

Stano stared at Rose confused, shoulders high above his neck with the ‘I have no clue what this is about’ look on his face.

Karen snatched the bouquet and ordered Stano out. Rose interjected pleading with Karen to hear him out. Rose picked her jacket and stood outside and shut the front door behind her leaving the two in the house.


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