Sugary tales

“Mum gonwa sigana!” Akinyi yelled

“Mama! Sigana!” Wesonga chimed in.

“Sigana! Sigana! Sigana!” They chorused jumping up and down on the beds.

Nafula closed her eyes and bit her lower lip to avoid screaming; she had, had a genuinely long day and really did not have the energy to entertain the twins. She exhaled violently from her mouth as she opened her eyes.

“Ok Sigana it is! I will tell you a story, but you both have to sit still.” Wesonga quickly sat on the bed, legs crossed, head rested in his tiny palms ready for a story. Akinyi was busy twirling her hair and walking around her brother on the bed.

“Bed piny Akinyi!” Wesonga demanded his sister to sit down. Akinyi quickly plunked herself on the bed slightly shoving her brother. Wesonga gave her the evil eye and looked adoringly at his mother.

“In the tiny village of …..” Nafula began.

“No mum!” The twins chorused.

“We’ve heard that one before.” Wesonga yelled.

Nafula covered her eyes with her palm. Akinyi peeled them off with her cute little hands. Nafula gazed at them, shook her head and then playfully pinched their little cheeks.

“That’s what we did to little children who never listened to their mummy.” Nafula began. The two giggled playfully.

“But there was always one child who never did anything wrong, no one could ever tell why. His name was ‘Safety’. That was the name he was given.”

“Why?” Akinyi inquired.

“Well…you see when Safety was born, unlike other children; the story is told that he did not cry. He opened his eyes looked around and pointed at something in the skies. When the elders looked up they saw signs from the gods that the enemies were coming. And just like that the village prepared itself to fight the enemies and won. And since then he was called Safety. He kept the village safe.”

“Wow! Mum, did I do that as well. Did I save you and dad from danger?” Wesonga asked in awe. Akinyi was rolling on the bed laughing at her brother for asking. Nafula kissed Wesonga on the forehead and drew him closer to her. “You and your sister are our safety.” Nafula smiled.

Akinyi was now doing forward rolls on the bed. She was barely paying attention. Nafula grabbed her by her ankle. “And you know what would happen to girls who were mean to their brothers?” Nafula asked.

“No!” Akinyi responded cheekily with her deep dimples showing.

“They would make you carry chicken on your head. They would place a chicken on your head and make sure that its feet get trapped in your long hair and ensure that the chicken stays on your head till it lays an egg.” Wesonga was now laughing at his sister, pointing at her.

Akinyi froze, she was petrified of chicken.


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