Aquatic Therapy

Aluoch peeled off her shoes; head hung in full submission and cried, slow and steady sobs turned into a tsunami of tears drenching her skirt. It was too much for her; her heart was bleeding from the indescribable pain. She felt as if, part of her had died. She sat up, eyes crimson and swollen, nose pulsating from all the blowing. She inched her feet in to the pond before her.

She swerved them around gracefully, head tilted back, eyes closed and palms pressed against the park bench. She let her tears flow, she uttered nothing. She was in total submission to her pain. There was a stir in the water. Aluoch lifted her feet from the water, swerved them around and then gently placed them back in the pond.

As her feet eased in to the water, she felt a weird sensation in the water, and in a split second, Aluoch was yanked into the water, fully clad. Her screaming was unheard in the midnight hour. She was now muffled underwater being dragged by something invisible. It was moving swiftly like a shark, Aluoch screamed and tried to break loose, but the grip was clamp solid. She passed out from excessive ingestion of water.

Aluoch arose to a warm and blinding light on her face. Nothing around her was familiar. As she looked up she felt something cold on her cheek, she turned to see what it was. “Aluoch, how are you feeling?”The voice sounded drowned, Aluoch attempted to lift her hand from the table to get the water out of her ears. But she was strapped to the table. She tugged and tussled, to no avail.

Aluoch felt something cold on her arms and a weird suction. “Relaxxxxx, we won’t hurt you. Try and relax.” The voiced sounded very watery with an unusual lisp. Aluoch turned her head to where the voice came from and she saw a huge slimy head with tentacles flying around. She screamed at the top of her lungs. “Get me out of her! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!”

Aluoch felt the cold sensation and suction again and passed out. About two hours later. Aluoch arose. She was in a room, unusually cold and when she looked around she was surrounded by water. She hopped back on the bed scared senseless. She looked closely she was in an aquarium of sorts. She was the centre of attraction for the sea creatures. The weird voice called out again, “We won’t hurt you, we want to help you. Your tears showed us how to get to you.”

“Who are you, what do you want to do with me? What do you mean my tears showed you the way? Who are you?” A huge towering blue octopus head emerged. Aluoch fell to the ground shaking. The octopus reached out a tentacle. “We are here to ease your pain, let me show you.”


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