Raising Jesus

“Go get your brother, we need to leave.”

“But Mum!”

“No buts, Naomi, go and get your brother.”

Mary had a really long day at church, and she just wanted to head home and relax before the week had began. She sat in the car and rested her head on the steering wheel and a loud tap on the window jolted her awake, it was Naomi.

“Get into the car love.” Mary turned on the ignition and drove off.

“Uncle John’s going to make you lunch, Mama needs to take a nap ok love?”

“Ok mum.” Naomi obediently responded. As they pulled in to the house, the entire extended family was there as always getting ready to dig in to the meal.

“Jesus! Where is Jesus, Naomi?”

“Huh? Did you hear me young lady? Where is Jesus your brother?” Mum demanded.

Naomi shrugged her shoulders.

Mum sighed in exasperation. ‘Get in to the house and get something to eat, tell Uncle John that I had to go back to church to get your brother.”

Naomi nodded shyly and gave an apologetic glance at her mother as she pulled out of the drive way. When Mary arrived at the church, she walked into the auditorium and there was Jesus having what seemed like a profound conversation with the senior pastor and his pastoral team. “Jesus! Why didn’t you come to the car with your sister? You had me worried.”

“Mum why did you have to worry I am in my father’s house.”

“Jesus! For goodness sakes!” Mary sighed exasperated. “Look! I understand that you have a divine role, but son you need to learn how to communicate better.” Mary sighed again and sat down a few pews from where Jesus and the pastors sat. Raising any child was a handful but raising a child whose divinity was spelled out for her made things much more complicated for her mortal self.

“Joseph where are you when I need you?” she whispered.

“I am right here honey!” He said rubbing her shoulders and leaning in to kiss her on the cheek. Mary smiled.

“At times I really don’t know how to do this.” Mary said nodding toward Jesus who looked at her and smiled.

“We’re destined to make it and we will…well Mary!” Joseph reassured her and sat next to her and held her in his arms.”


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