Crushed and neglected

The chalk flew across the classroom and landed right inside Lola’s mouth. She choked slightly and arose from her drooling slumber. Her head was rested on the wall, right at the back where she sat. “Can you tell the class what I was saying?” Lola’s eyes were red and bug eyed which made her a bigger laughing stock to the others in the room. She was the constant point of ridicule. She was about 6 ft at 16 years old, with a deep husky voice. So her startled, ‘Huh?’ sounded like the big friendly giant had been arisen from its slumber.

Lola wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and neither was she the easiest to look at. But her heart always endeared people to her. Her hair was short and kinky and she already had a receding hair line, the kind that her classmates said “started late and ended early.” But despite being called ‘ugly beauty’, Lola was always quick to lend a hand to anyone who needed it.

Now more than ever she needed a hand, or a grand punishment would be on its way. The class laughed and fell silent, but no one jumped in to defend her. Why was Lola surprised she knew that would have been the case? But today it felt different. She opened her mouth revealing her crooked and overlapping yellow teeth. She could smell her breath and felt embarrassed. She fell silent.

“Did you hear me Lola?” the teacher demanded.

Lola looked down at her torn shoes, her toes were beginning to peep from the tip of the shoe and the torn socks. She stood up and looked down at her class and walked to the front. Her teacher began to yell. Lola walked out of the class, down the corridor, past the principal’s office, past the third form classes and out the main door to the basketball court. Lola went and sat in the middle of basketball court. She sat, cradled her legs and rocked back and forth.

Lola’s teacher went and joined her in the pitch demanding to know why she walked out of class. Lola didn’t say anything she rested her chin on her knees and didn’t lift her eyes to acknowledge the teacher’s prescence.

“Enough! Please…please enough.” Lola retorted.

“Young lady that is a punishment you are asking for. How dare you talk to me like that?” Her teacher retorted.

“Please…let’s not do this anymore. I can only play this game for so long.” Lola spoke in exasperation.

“What are you talking about Lola? Can you stand up and go back to class?” Her teacher demanded.

Lola’s classmates now stared from the classroom window trying to figure out what the conversation was about.

“Will you admit it or should I spell it out for you?” Lola began pushing for answers.

“What?” The teacher walked threateningly toward Lola.

“I saw him do it to you too. He likes the big girls doesn’t he?”

“But…what? No…what? I don’t….”

“He will do it again…” Lola stood up and walked back to class.


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