Red Dragon

It sounded like distant drums, drums made of iron, it was loud and callous. The rhythm sounded defiant and abnormal. The air became thick and fine debris began to fall to the ground. An unusual sound began to pierce through the drums, it sounded like a vulture, but with a human timbre. Then it fell silent for a few minutes. The whistle of a steady intensity began to pierce through the clouds. The air lifted, the debris stopped and the sky went clear blue.

Everyone in the city stood, some trembling in fear, others holding their mouths to prevent themselves from letting out a sound. One person cupped their mouth so hard, and bit himself to prevent himself from saying anything. He was bleeding and his blood was now dropping to the ground. The street was so quiet you could almost hear the blood land on the pool of water where the man stood.

A woman in a red dress clicked along in her 5 inch heels, swaying her child bearing hips. Her slim waist was seductive and child nurturing bosom would make any blind man see again. The light wind kissed her arm; goose bumps began to appear on her arm. She playfully rubbed her arms throwing glances at anyone who would pay her mind. She was in a realm of her own unaware of the tangible fear around her. Her heels seemed deafening in that silence. It was as if, almost for a second the time stood still. A child running after their painting that was now being blown by the wind was grabbed by her mother who was screaming, “Noooo!” at the top of her lungs. Everything seemed exaggerated, save for the red woman who clicked along gleefully.

Her hair was kinky and straightened a slight breeze against her hair made it flap against her eyes. She playfully pushed it away from her eye as she pouted her lips, her smile; bright, divine, cleansing. One man who had fallen from fear looked up at her as she walked passed him and reached for her. The woman leaned over to him and lifted him by the chin; he was slain by her beauty.

As she crouched down, she slowly separated her knees and a creature emerged from within. A small dirty green midget crawled out and landed smack on the man’s face. It pulled out what looked like an umbilical cord, and shoved that slimy cord through the man’s nostrils. The man didn’t flinch; his gaze was fixated on the woman’s. A suction sound emerged and the woman now seemed younger. The midget returned to where it emerged from and the woman arose. The man snapped out of the daze he was in, felt his nose and was now bleeding. He chocked and died. The debris began to fall, the drums clanged and the sky darkened and the cycle began again. The city had no clue what was in store for them.


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