No hope in sight

The bed creaked rhythmically and slowly stopped there was a pause and a single tenor, loud groan of pleasure. The bed creaked one more time and about 5 minutes later a 1,000 shilling note landed on the bed where a bare-chested damsel lay. She looked away and didn’t flinch an inch when the note landed on the bed. Adoyo didn’t want to see him; he got what he came for.

She then heard the sounds of the outside world for a split second which then fell silent with a click. The man had left. But Adoyo still looked away, she lay on the bed plastered in the position she was left in. The sheet half covered her, but there was no room for imagination for what happened. The evidence was plastered all over her and the sheets. Adoyo began to sob bitterly.

How long was this going to last? Her tears flowed down the side of her face in either direction on to the sheets, as she mumbled incoherently. The room door flung open once again and the cologne saturated the room. She knew that scent well, well enough to know that she was about to suffer.

“Adoyo my love!” The seductive voice called out from the door. The footsteps moved from the door toward her, the creaking floor eventually gave way to his location and Adoyo slowly pulled the smelly sheet over her head. It seemed like an artificial force field protecting her from what was to come. In a split second she felt her face on fire. She was left speechless and the sheet was pulled off.

The pain then shifted from her face to her scalp, the man was pulling her by her braids. He tugged so hard, some braids came out with flesh; blood was now oozing on to the bare bed. Then the pain now moved to her groin, Adoyo was now jerking in pain as if to remove what was shoving its way inside her. The man groaned, laughed and slapped her on her chest. “YOU are MINE!!” The man laughed and chuckled.

Adoyo fell on her back, the pain in her groin now unbearable, she began to scream. No help came not even a knock on the door. “Not again! Not again!” was all she kept saying in her mind. Then suddenly the pressure in her groin was relieved, then she felt a sharp pain. She screamed and then lifted her head from the choke hold that was now released, she felt herself and she was unusually sticky and wet. When she looked at her fingers she was bleeding. She felt herself again and she pulled something out of her, it was a shard of glass. Adoyo began to scream hysterically, she was punched and she blacked out cold.


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