Hungover Village

As the boda boda hummed into the town, there was an eerie silence. The crows were flying round in droves, they darkened the sky. It was unusual, Naiserian held on to her brother tighter. The vast trees they rode past seemed to be enclosing in on them. It was as if they rode into a cave. The crows now began to descend and open up the skies, the canopy became less threatening. But there was a stench that was completely unexplainable. It was a mixture of decomposition and cow dung. Loisani couldn’t put his finger on it. He kept reassuring his sister that everything would be fine.

As they drew closer to the grand gate, their destination, they felt drops, it felt like rain. Naiserian loved the rain; she threw her head back to suck in all the drops. “Don’t open your mouth like you always do. You never know.” Loisani joked, Naiserian smacked him. “Too late.” She opened her mouth to ‘drink’ the rain. After a few drops on her tongue, she began to cough and try to wipe the taste off her tongue. ‘Gross! Gross! Groooooosssss!” she exclaimed.

“Get the water from your bag. Didn’t I warn you?” Loisani laughed.

“Whatever! What was it anyway, it tasted dirty, something rotten. What kind of rain is this here?” Naiserian retorted in disgust and drank water from her bottle and sighed in relief.

Losiani wasn’t paying attention to the road anymore, something had caught his attention and he was debating on whether or not to tell Naiserian or keep driving. But his debate took too long; they veered off the road and hit a tree root that was peering from the ground beneath them.

“YOU WANT TO KILL ME NOW?” Naiserian exclaimed as they landed on the ground. Losiani helped her up, lay the bike back on the ground and reached to hug her.

“You are acting weird what is it.”

“I’ve missed you Naiserian.” Loisani was overreacting and getting on her nerves. He hugged her so tight in his 6’ 5” 130 kg muscular frame. Naiserian broke free gasping for air. “What is it with you?” She said as she walked backwards, falling over the tree roots on her back.

As Naiserian arose dusting herself, she lifted her eyes to the trees above and began to point. Loisani was nodding in acknowledgment of what she saw. And she let out a blood curling shriek; Loisani reached out to her both arms wide open to embrace her again. “I drank that! I drank That?” Naiserian said as Loisani held her tighter. Naiserian began to gag and her abdomen began to thrust hard. She broke out of Loisani’s arms and ran in the direction they had come from and she threw up.

The sky was now a glorious blue, cloudless and the suns warmth beamed in revealing hundreds of dead and skinned individuals. Blood dripped from eaten out limbs. Eyes bulging from what sockets may have been left, muscles raw and rotting, maggots flowing freely.


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