Don’t be careful with what you wish for

There was a loud thud that reverberated in the room.

“Sold!” was shouted and the crowd cheered all except for one person seated at the back hunched over and sobbing violently. That was the last bit of Kaitani’s possessions. The only things she was left with were the clothes on her back and the sandals on her feet. Even her combs and toothbrushes were auctioned. She didn’t have anywhere to sleep or food to eat.

Her eyes were blood red and swollen; her lower lip was protruding and trembling violently.

“Next!” the gavel thud on the table was heard again. It startled Kaitani. She got up, hunched over, head hanging over her chest and slowly inched out of the auctioneer’s office. She had no idea where she was going and what she was going to do. Her family had recently died in a freak road accident. It had barely been three months. After the funeral, on return to the city, she started facing a series of unfortunate events. She was carjacked at gun point then they proceeded to force her to withdraw money from her account via ATM. She missed dying by a whisker, a gun was held to her temple. She was frightened, but she felt an unusual peace.

Part of her wanted the ordeal over, and better still a one way ticket to be with her family wherever they were. Kaitani had so much guilt because her family was on their way to visit her when the accident occured. She had insisted that they drive instead of fly; she believed it would be a scenic trip for them. She played the last conversation she had with her parents and two siblings on the phone repeatedly. Now she was penniless, car-less and she was part of the team of people retrenched from work. Could life really get any worse?

In Kaitani’s world, the answer was yes, the auctioneers came knocking and now she was on the streets. Most of her relatives were snooty and did not engage, especially now that Kaitani was jobless. She was a leper in their eyes. She was so angry and sad as she left the auction, she went straight to the bar and ordered a drink.

“Give me the strongest thing that you have.” The bartender nodded and turned to proceed to pour a tot of something. She drank it as she threw her head back, smacked her mouth, hissed and shook her head.

“Hit me again!” Kaitani hissed and threw her head back again and demanded more hits. By the time she had hit 5, she was now good friends with the bartended pouring out her story. Then!

“That will be 5K” we need to close. Kaitani sobered up and began to cry.

“Can I work it off?” she appealed

The bartender shook his head, grabbed her by the t-shirt and threw her out on the street. As she flew close to the tarmac, she was smacked like a stray dog by an oncoming vehicle. She landed like a brick on the ground one shoe flying in the air. She lay there still, she may have just got what she had desired for the last three months.


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