Everyone’s got something special

Back and forth, back and forth, hour after hour, back and forth the pendulum swung. Koto hadn’t realized how long he had been seated on the couch outside the office watching the pendulum. His growling stomach distracted him at 2pm after a 5 hour wait to go in. Several had gone in before him.

“oh! Oh! Oh! Dear!” Koto was staring at a lady who was on her way to fellowship with the floor in her glossy red heels. “Looked more like pleather” he thought to himself about the shoes. The squealing and subsequent thud didn’t bother him. His mental interpretation of what was going on around him was unusual. He didn’t notice that the cause of ‘miss, now, fractured ankle’ was his tree stumps that were stretched in front of him.

“You inconsiderate imbecile!” followed by a cheek burning slap is what drew his attention to the limping lass he tripped. He looked at her, shrugged his shoulders and went about staring at the pendulum again, rocking his body from side to side with each swing. The lady smacked him with her bag and was ushered away by another set of shinny leather shoes. “Italian, must be Italian…new….must be new…I can smell them.” Koto laughed pleased with himself for identifying the shoes.

He now began to tap his feet in rhythm with the second hand of the clock, bobbing his head to the music it produced. He began to laugh hysterically and occasionally pat the sides of his head then laugh and point at the receptionist. He noticed he wasn’t going to get any response from her; she didn’t give him any eye contact when he walked in. But that wasn’t going to stop Koto. He walked across the room to her table and turned the computer screen around unplugging it at the back. “Look! Look!” He said as he pointed at the clock nodding and rocking his body side to side simultaneously. He was so excited he began to shudder.

The receptionist did nothing but stare at him. Koto began to drool as his movement got more vigorous. “Shake! Shake! Faster, slower, faster! Woooo!” Koto yelled at the top of his voice. The receptionist ignored him. Just as Koto was about to shove the computer screen to the ground a door opened and he quickly ran to his seat hands in lap and sat still.

“Koto! It’s your turn now,” a gentle, warm deep and husky voice said. Koto stood at attention and inched toward the door. Dr. Malo tapped him on the shoulder and Koto shook it off as he walked in. When the door shut a wild gargling scream permeated through the door.


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