Better to leave

There was a repetitive hiss that just did not go away.

“Hiss, hiss, hiss…hiss…Flick…hiss.”

It had been going on all morning; there would be occasional breaks between the hisses after an air ripping flick occurred. Welly was curious about the sound, but wasn’t in a position to leave the house. He was grounded for talking back the night before and he was on loo duty. He was put on a 30 minute rotation from dawn to noon to ensure that the house loo was clean with the entire extended family over.

Uncle Teddy’s twins had spilled water all over the floor and thought soaping the wet floor would be a spectacular idea. After cleaning that mess up, Uncle Jerry walked in and left a nuclear bomb in there that could take out an entire continent with the stench emanating from the loo. People could smell it upstairs. Welly got a few lashes on his butt for his, “What in the world did you eat?” remark to Uncle Jerry out of shocked innocence. It was 30 minute plunging ordeal. He needed a gas mask to clean that mess up. Grandma leaked like a tap, she was a walking trail of urine, so Welly’s duties extended to wherever grandma was.

To resolve that he decided to step out in the afternoon and grab adult diapers it was a waste of time. When he walked up to her with the kind adult diaper suggestion, he was smacked in the calf for being ‘disrespectful. When it was finally noon, Welly sat on the couch and before his butt was completely on the chair Aunt May, his favourite, asked him to join her in the kitchen. He smiled sheepishly, he knew what that meant.

But to his surprise chores weren’t waiting for him, Aunt May wanted company as she cooked. This was his time to pour his heart out, well…so he thought. Aunt May needed someone who she could confide in. Why she felt the need to share her repeat affairs and graphic detail with a 12 year old boy is something Welly will never be able to explain. Welly watched as Aunt May rambled on, flinging her hands in the air spilling flour all over the floor and splashing oil all over the stove. It would occasionally flambé something it shouldn’t.

Welly stared out the kitchen into the dining room and saw more relatives walk in. He walked out of the kitchen through the back door and sat on the back porch. He was tired, he was fed up. He understood being grounded, but the circumstances just didn’t make sense. No one really seemed to see him. They  acknowledged his existence but no one saw his pain. “Hiss…hiss…flick…hiss…Hiss…flick” the sound was now clearer and closer. Welly wanted to see at least where it came from to see how he could best reach it.


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