Do or Die

It had been a wet night. The ground was damp and she knelt on it shivering with blood streaming down her left arm. It was a raw open wound only likely to get worse. Her cargo pants completely bloodied and mud stained her jungle green vest was torn and bloody, her head now hung low with drool emerging from her mouth that was now only letting out moderate groans of pain, Toti was about to pass out. She was bleeding from her mouth, there was a cut on her right cheek, deep and raw.

With every drop of rain water from the banana leaves above her head landing on her now exposed scalp, the groans would get slightly louder. The two men wielding machetes stood over her. One man had grabbed her vest and exposed bra straps and would occasionally flick them to hit her back. “Enjoying that? Miss CNN? Ey?” Then the two men would laugh. Toti was beginning to rock unsteadily losing consciousness.

She had lost so much blood there was now a shinny pool of blood now mingling in the wet soil beneath her. This small holder farming area was where Toti had been living for a few weeks. She had come to report on the progress the area was making after several years of drought. What she was unaware of was there was a cartel harassing farmers and wasn’t very happy that someone would expose them.

What the two young lads didn’t know was that Toti had no clue that they even existed. And there was more in for them than they could fathom. They had ambushed Toti close to dawn when she had stepped out to use the pit latrine. It was now nearing half six in the morning, the sun was steadily rising and the two men were now getting hungry. She could hear their stomach’s growl. The man grabbing her vest and bra, let go and she could hear his footsteps move away toward the huge hedge behind her, she then heard the sound of a zip. Toti let her eyes roam as far as they could to gauge where the other assailant was. His foot shifted forward. Toti held her breath. Then she felt a sharp pain, she groaned. He took a swipe at her with his machete.

“Don’t you dare move! Today is your last day!’ He laughed and walked off to the maize plantation in front of her, he began to unzip and drop his pants as he dropped his machete. This one looked like it would take longer. Then out of nowhere the rain began to pour with a vengeance. Toti saw an opportunity, she gauged with her hearing where the first assailant could be. She heard feet moving toward her from the rear. She quickly lifted herself up, before she could do anything, she felt a huge echoing sound and she fell on her back.

The sun now blocked by a gargantuan figure. She saw the machete on the ground and reached for it. The man stepped on her hand, but despite the pain she felt burning through her arm, she raised the machete, wriggled and broke free and hacked the man’s leg. He screamed as blood showered Toti’s face. The second man was now running as he pulled up his pants. Toti turned and aimed the machete at his chest. He fell on his back with blood spewing out of him. She quickly ran to reach for the other man’s machete.

She could hear feet running through the thick vegetation. She lifted and ran cradling her left arm.


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