Do what you feel!

The room was smoky you could barely make out any faces. Cigars and cigarettes were the night’s backdrop with some of the finest jazz and blues ever made. Teddy ‘P’, Ray Charles, Al Green, Smokey Robinson and the Temptations broke hearts once again with their lyrical genius tonight.

“Cupid draw back your bow and let your arrow go straight to my lovers heart for me..” Sam Cooke was piercing some hearts tonight.

Tandy bobbed her head to the tunes bellowing out of the jukebox behind her. She was in the only lit booth at the back of the restaurant stirring her drink causing the ice cubes in it to clink. She nodded and threw her head back in ecstasy when each song kicked off.

She looked like an exhilarated junkie who just took a hit. Her head thrown back, her fingers would drum the table and she lipsynched the words. Tandy couldn’t stand it anymore when Ray Charles called out “Georgia!” She got up and yanked the first semi decent looking brother and directed him to dance with her.

Tandy was so dreamy as she sang along and danced, she was physically present but so far away. “I said a Georgia..Georgia, a song of you….” Tandy couldn’t hold herself back, she belted out the lyrics like her life depended on it. Other people in the restaurant watched her in awe. It was obvious the unknowing chap she yanked from his bar stool almost tipping his drink over was a tool. He didn’t care, He kept saying cheekily “Use me baby! It’s all good! Use me!” with a grin ear to ear. He looked like he hadn’t had anyone pay much attention to him in years. Who would with him in those tight yellow and orange checked pants with a silky blood red shirt with huge 70’s style collar?

He looked like a clown spat out from the 70’s with his chunky nude colored platform shoes and a juicy fro with his comb still in his hair, his sideburns would make Shaft jealous. Another song played this time it was the O’Jays. “Twirl me baby!” Tandy yelled out,s he was going wild on the dance floor her dress spinning so high and round showing off her slight frame and ironically chunky thighs and high buckled heels.

Tandy couldn’t get enough of Backstabbers. She demanded that she be tossed and caught in mid air.

The chap she picked was pretty flexible, he didn’t mind. He loved the attention they got. Tandy was completely oblivious of the surging crowds now encircling the two of them. The smoking had reduced and now it was laughter, gasps of awe and clapping. Tandy was having a blast. Then the clapping stopped and the jukebox feel silent.

Tandy and her dance partner were now drenched in their own sweat.  Tandy didn’t utter a word to the man. She walked to the counter where he was plucked from, she leaned over grabbed his drink chugged it down, slammed the glass on the counter, grabbed her jacket and walked to the exit door.

“It’s Ken Ma’am!” Tandy’s dance partner yelled in between breaths in a thick accent.

Tandy waved her jacket acknowledging the statement and walked out the restaurant.


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