Stripped, beaten and it can only get worse

Anala had been crying for the last 20 kilometres, we were in plain sight anyone with an ill intention could easily spot us and kill us. But she just kept at it. Hour after agonizing hour Anala kept crying, we almost got spotted. We had to wrestle her to the ground and gag her; we almost choked her to death just so that the unknown group of men we saw in the distance would not spot us.

We kept her gagged all night; it was either that or draw the wild animals to our location. We had had near misses with Goni trampling snakes in the grass, if it wasn’t for Juri’s gladiator swing with a machete that snake would have bit and killed Goni. Right now the four of us were left with no idea of the direction we need to head. All we knew was the smoke from burning villages was getting thicker, closer and faster. The rebels were advancing and we had to pick up the pace.

The wild berries that had initially weighed down our satchels served handy. The sugar was what kept us going, we found a stream and were able to clean ourselves, rest under a tree and sip on cool fresh water. There were weird looking buds we weren’t sure would be good to eat, we didn’t want to risk killing ourselves over them, so we survived on the wild berries and stream water.

“Ioli move faster. We need to get to shelter before nightfall.” Goni kept shouting that at me and it was really driving me up the wall. She had the audacity to yell at me yet she wasn’t carrying rock heavy Anala on her back. I was weak and cranky, my limbs were falling asleep. We had kept going through the previous night to get a daylights head start from the rebels.

“Ouch! Ouch!” Thud! Anala let a blood curdling scream; I dropped her after tripping over a huge tree root. The forest foliage was getting thicker and heavier and harder to maneuver. I was tired and fell to the ground. Anala cried again and none of us bothered. It was now like the backdrop of this trip, nothing really alarmed us with her anymore. “Ioli! Gag!” Was all Goni barked, I really wanted to get into it with her. I was fedup of Goni’s bossing around. Sigh! It just wasn’t worth it. I leaned over my foot to grab the cloth we used to gag Anala who was now still.
It was unusual, I looked at her and tapped her, she was frozen and I felt something hot flow on the ground toward me. “Damn it! Anala don’t pee…” I looked up and there it was face to face with Anala a huge silverback gorilla. I peed on myself.


6 thoughts on “Stripped, beaten and it can only get worse

    • Thanks Jordan! I know, I need to speed it up with the book shouldn’t I? 🙂 I will keep you posted on the book. I am glad you enjoyed the read. It’s your constant reading that reminds me I need to keep at this!

      • just seeing this now 😦 yes you should!! or we’ll sue you 🙂 all the best with the writing and have a lovely week ahead.

    • Thank you Wangu that is much appreciated. What counts is that you enjoy the stories and share with others to enjoy them too. 🙂

  1. Thanks Jordan, I am on it! I will keep writing and ensure you get your autographed copy once it is published sooner than later.

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