Curve ball

Again another long hard day and nothing; it was all an effort of futility. What really was the point? Wake up at the crack of dawn make the cockerels look bad get into a dusty and at times damp matatu with blinding neon lights and head to town at cut throat speed. Then stand out in the cold. The office opens at 8am, but that is the only way I can avoid paying exorbitant fare prices. So here I am another day, standing in the cold at 6.15am waiting for my boss to show up at 8am to open the front door.

Now today is a new day after a long night yesterday up till 3am, well no sleep at all really I opted to take a new route and shift my attitude to something that will be worth my while. Want to know what? Follow me.

“Morning Kori!”

“Morning Sir? How are you today? Beautiful day isn’t it?” You should see the dumbass look on his face as I talk to him. He is used to my early morning groans, but what he really doesn’t know is this is a new me a new dawn and the submissive Kenyan slave just found out that she has outnumbered her master. He’s in for it today. I was kind enough to brew his crappy tea and serve him.

“So where is the newspaper today Kori?” Mr. Rabat asked me in his usual fatherly voice.

“The vendor seems to be running late.” Well that was the truth, but in the 5 years I have served him as a casual labourer, I always ensured that Mr. Rabat’s comforts were met. He always had his tea and newspaper in hand. Because when the vendor was late, I used my own cash to ensure he had a paper. Was there a refund? No there wasn’t. Why? Well because the boss’s day had to always kick off perfectly. Why? Well because he was a bitch when he didn’t get what he wanted. He liked me because I kissed so much ass; I think I bought close to 10,000 shillings worth of cheap ass lip balm for a year to touch up after smothering that ass with kisses.

From Mr. Rabat’s face you can see that his brain cells are short circuiting, it doesn’t compute. He can tell already that something is wrong.

“KOri! Kori!”

I told you, short fusing, summoned by the master. If he wasn’t blue-black he would be red by now. Hehehehehehe! Shock on his diab!

“Yes sir, how may I help?”

“Kori please have a seat.”

“Before…” I had to cut him short.

“Sir, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to work with you all this long. My apologies for the hiccup with the paper. But I believe…”

“I thought it was time to bump you up the ladder, you have been loyal and diligent and not complained once. How about being my personal assistant?”

I swear I did not see that one coming. I did know the business and the deals. This guy drank a lot of tea, so I saw, heard and sometimes helped out in deals and contract signing and negotiation.

“What do you think about that?” He laughed now I was the one whose mind was short circuiting.


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