It just wasn’t meant to be

Aluoch was heartbroken. “You’ll never get it.” Those last words that Eric uttered kept running through her mind.

“Never get what? What did he mean?” she questioned over and over again. She couldn’t walk up to Eric and ask him what he meant. Because after he spoke those words and turned to cross the road a filthy garbage truck rusted from years of use and spilling over with garbage rammed into him and toppled over from the weight of the garbage it carried. Aluoch had been blaming herself for it. She wasn’t the only one.

Eric’s family asked to have her removed from his requiem mass. They blamed her for all the problems that Eric had been facing including his death. Eric had been depressed lately, a lot more than usual. They had been dating for about 3 years and she had gotten used to silent episodes and being shut out; because that was Eric’s M.O. It was in the middle of the third year that things really got off, Eric started getting physically violent and it was completely unexplainable. It was then that he was diagnosed with clinical depression. But what caused it?

According to Eric’s ‘dear’ family; dating was something they felt only stirred unnecessary emotional imbalance. And with that, to his family, Aluoch was the cause of his problem. Initially Aluoch had stayed away just to avoid causing any more drama for Eric. He had an irrational family which spent more time tearing each other down than building. And anyone with a brain, hearing and, on occasion, sight would be able to see where Eric’s stress came from.

Eric was the only man in his family, his father had passed on and from what he had told Aluoch, he believed that his mother was the cause of his father’s death. Not that she had any physical hand in it; she just ripped the man’s self esteem apart. From high flying CEO to number one pauper in a house his wife kept threatening to mortgage so that she could maintain a lifestyle she couldn’t afford.

“I married you because you promised me a life of luxury; poverty was what you deserved not me!”

Eric’s mother would repeatedly tell his father. Eric would see and hear that daily and something in him snapped after his father died. The fact that Eric even dated Aluoch was a phenomenon to the family. Because before she showed up in the picture, Eric was very hostile and occasionally indifferent with the ladies that his mother tried to shove at him.

Aluoch had been having really weird conversations with Eric the past couple of months. He had become unusually chatty and would always talk as if they were going to break up. Aluoch was thrown off a few weeks earlier when Eric said, “You know marriage is for wimps? I love you, but our love wasn’t made for this world, it is just too good to be true.” Aluoch tried to pry but as usual Eric was silent. And now that silence was deafening and tormenting.


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