There was a lot of tossing and turning and a whining sound emerged from underneath the duvet. First toes, then hands then a head popped up at the top of the duvet by the head board. Scholastica just couldn’t sleep. By the side of the bed a pile of clothes laid, she had stripped down to her undies which now made her feel like her jewels were on fire. “That’s it! I give up.” She exclaimed in surrender. With the duvet covering her torso she tactfully removed her last garment and tossed it on the pile by her bed. She had no idea why it was so hot. The sole mosquito which had also terrorized her in the heat landed squarely on her cheek and Scholastica slapped the living daylights out of it.

“Why do I keep doing that?” she lamented caressing her cheek. Her head was now trying to kill her to avenge the pain it had just experienced in exchange for the mosquito’s life. Scholastica sat up in bed; torso still covered, now drenched in sweat and began to cry. She had no idea why this kept happening to her. She was always the one who got the short end of the deal and now her body was on fire for something she should have known better to not have signed up for.

Scholastica had no idea where she was, all she recalled was that she had signed up for an exotic trip to a little known island. She was not going to pass up crystal blue waters, palm trees and fancy cocktails with cute umbrellas in them. She was leaving the hurt. After losing her entire family three weeks earlier, she needed to leave to clear her mind and start a fresh. And when the country looked like paradise she was out. What roped her in was the fact that all she had to do was sign a waiver to allow doctors to run a series of tests on her for some kind of drug. She had tested in Nairobi as an ideal ‘subject’ because of something or other about her DNA and resistance.

Scholastica normally knew better than to take anything, let’s face it no deal can be that good. Two thousand dollars a week for just laying there and have your blood drawn. The side effects crept in by the end of the first week. She was told that this was normal by the doctors who would then give her a shot of something or another. But tonight the heat wasn’t normal it felt like the sun was right above her body, she was burning and stinging badly. She didn’t realize what was happening but when she made an attempt to peel off the duvet to breath she felt a sharp sting that sent her screaming in tears. Her skin was literally melting. She passed out.


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