A big hand emerged from behind the door it was so huge it looked like a paw. It couldn’t be human. A huge bespectacled eye succeeded the paw. More of the face emerged and barely startled Choso. There had been persistent knocking throughout the day in the house. Choso wasn’t sure what it was, but didn’t really concern himself too much with it, he had exams in a few days and was fixated on getting the Venn diagrams right.

This…thing… was odd. It looked like a mythological creature; gender none existent. Its hair was thin and wiry, but a beautiful jet black, baby soft to the eye. It’s ears looked like satellite dishes busy disrupting the neighbourhood‘s satellite signals. Choso lifted his cell phone to see if it had reception with this phenomenal creature in the room. Its nose was Pinocchio lying long, pointy and capable of being an effective tool of discipline. Its lips, like its eyes polar opposite of the grotesqueness of other facial features. Lips were supple, soft and perky pink, eyes bright white, seductively soft and inviting. Though its neck felt like it was set on crooked underneath its head.

The creature’s shoulders seemed to have this weird rotation as it inched toward Choso’s study table. Its torso was unusually long with short stubs for limbs with such humongous hands and feet; Hobbit like save for the wolverine hairiness. But despite the unusual looks this creature called itself Human. ‘Human!’ was all it kept saying, at first Choso thought it was inquiring if he was human. It shook its head and said, “I name Human” Choso got the drift and then just sat on his bedroom window ledge.

“So now…..what is the deal with you? Where are you from?” Choso inquired quite unfazed by the creature. It shrugged and motioned toward the open window.

“Save Choso must!” Choso jolted from the ledge and stubbed his toe on the bed post next to him as he landed on the floor now groaning in pain. Human grabbed Choso by the arm. It frightened him, it was hard to mentally compute a baby sized creature with the Hulk’s hands. It was so inappropriate. Choso tried to shake Human’s grip. It was vice tight, he wasn’t going anywhere. Then out of nowhere a strike of lightning and Choso found himself seated in a huge palatial hallway. He couldn’t explain how he got there, but he was there standing in the hallway dwarfed by a huge statue. The statue was a large replica of Human. It was grotesquely colossal. “Where am I Human?” Choso asked staring at the statue.

“Where you belong”, Human said as he rubbed his palms together. Then there was a clap of thunder that sent Choso to the ground. Human laughed and clapped imitating the sound of thunder.

“Where you belong” human retorted as he walked off with a smug look on his face.


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