The missing link

There was a persistent thud and shuffling of feet,  furniture was falling and glass breaking. Groans and gagging sounds were relentless. The thuds grew stronger and harder with more groans and yells of struggle steadily piercing through the apartment walls. Doors were being locked frantically, curtains drawn and lights were being turned off in the apartment block. The block fell silent, people in adjacent flats began to peep through their curtains to see what was going on.

Haman had just walked in to the house from work, it was about half 7 pm and walked, habitually, straight to the stereo and cranked it on. The music blasted through the speakers, he quickly turned it down. “Too much!” he said bobbing his head, then he heard a loud thud in between the silence of successive songs. He turned the radio off. Haman froze and quickly opened his living room window to see if he was imagining the sound. As he stuck his head out he felt sprinkles of broken glass shower him, when he was about to turn up to look, a huge screaming object flew and fell to the ground with a loud thud and a groan. He looked down and there lay a man in grey slacks, a ‘wife beater’ on and he was sprawled in his own blood on the ground.

But there was a thick stain of blood on the man’s ‘wife beater’ in the lower abdomen. He heard screams and running down the stairs. Haman flung his front door open and ran to the stairwell. He wasn’t thinking he just ran. On the stairwell there was a trail of blood, it was thick and fresh like a slaughtered goat’s. He got to the bottom of the stairwell and there was a huge pool of blood but no sign of anyone. The trail ended, no sign of a car or bike, nothing.

A woman shrieked out loud and doors flung open and there was a wild commotion outside in the front courtyard. Haman dashed to where the commotion was. The screamer now lay on the dead man on the ground, people just stared. Haman shoved through the crowd and felt the man’s pulse. He lifted the woman off the dead man’s back and lifted her on his shoulder and pushed to open ground and lay her there. Haman looked up and around and snatched a khanga off a female bystander, revealing her family jewels. “malaya wewe unanifulia nini?” she yelled attempting to cover her voluptuous frame with her diminutive hands. She turned and ran to her house.

Haman began to fan the woman with the khanga, he demanded that someone bring some water or ice cubes. “Has anyone called an ambulance or the cops?” he demanded.The crowd just stared at him. Haman was stunned and frustrated, he yanked another female bystander by the hem of her dress. She kicked his hand. “Just do what I was doing till she comes to!” he demanded of this woman as he stood up and walked back to the dead man’s body.


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