Satan’s Spawn

“Fat girls are not allowed!”

“Did you hear that Anna?! FAT GIRLS ARE NOT A-LLOW-ED!!!!” Betsy yelled as Anna walked by sucking on her lollipop. Ruby cycled past Anna and flung a shoe at Anna. Anna stumbled and wacked herself against a lamp post. Betsy and Ruby laughed. Claire shoved Anna as she tried to peel herself off the lamp post.

Anna’s lollipop was now smashed on the ground and her sticky lips were now dripping with blood. As Anna opened her mouth to check the extent of the cut she felt a sharp pain and a piece of her tooth chipped off in her hand. She let out an earth shattering scream. The smug look on all the girls faces changed to distress, they all panicked. Claire ran away from Anna screaming and pointing towards Betsy and Ruby’s direction. “It’s all your fault! It was your right idea.”

Betsy and Ruby looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and ran toward Anna. Anna shoved Betsy out of the way and ran toward home. Ruby ran after Anna, Betsy wobbled back to her feet after falling from the might of Anna’s shove. “Don’t let her get home Ruby!” Betsy demanded from a distance.

It was a fifteen minute sprint chase. Ruby looked for anything that she could carry to throw at Anna to try and destabilize her so that she could catch up. Sticks, small pebbles, at some point she got so desperate she threw a maize cob and soda bottle she saw lying by the side of the road.

“We didn’t mean it! Stop!” was the initial panting plea Ruby shrieked.

Anna kept running, her chubby frame was as swift as a deer. She was unreachable as the gap between them grew wider the pleas turned to insults.

“You won’t get away with this Fatso! You’ll pay for this and you won’t walk again when we are done with you!” Ruby shrieked and eventually just gave up running after Anna altogether. About 3 minutes later Betsy caught up with her panting and smelling of urine. She was so nervous she lost control of her bowel movement. Ruby let out a fart and together the two girls stared at each other in silence for a few seconds after the ripping sound and cried in laughter. They were going to be in so much trouble. This had been their last strike; boarding school in the remote village known for lethal corporal punishment now awaited them.

What they didn’t know as they sat in tears and mucus strewn faces, Anna had collapsed unconscious right at her doorstep now bleeding more intensely from the back of her head.


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