Botched Dreams

Teto found it hard to concentrate for some reason today. There was nothing unique happening; the lecturer was the usual boring and completely oblivious of the sleeping and drooling lot seated at the front and the video game playing lot in the middle. And where Teto sat at the back; the card playing lot who high fived when they won a hand. The lecturer rambled on about one thing or another. Teto made an attempt to listen to the man, but it was just hard listening to the silent droning of the brittle bespectacled lecturer.

Today Teto was off to his usual day dream paradise to survive the next 3 hour lecture; he drifted off to Lana; his dream future. In Lana, Teto is 35 years old and a CEO of a factory that made erasers. It is unusual for someone to day dream about having an eraser factory. But this wasn’t just anyone this was Teto, he always saw so much might and potential in the most mundane of situations and objects. Teto loved school stationery, to him it is a tool that brings possibility to reality and for that reason in Lana he had to be the CEO of the Vanish Factory.


His magical eraser helped zap out any doubt and mistakes and bring back possibility and dreams to life with every use. This day at Vanish Teto had been sifting through fanmail, he had started a club for children to share their creations. He normally got sketches from children who always sought out someone to acknowledge their effort. Vanish seemed to be the only thing that brought back joy and hope in Lana. Lana was a land of pain, despair, crime and anarchy ruled the land. And most of the population lived in the street. The few who had property and run business like Teto, lived in a gated community on the top of a hill. They lived in fear and uncertainty.

Today Lana saw something that he found very interesting, he got a picture with a stenciled in message on the image. The message did get his concern, but what caught his attention most was the sketch on the message, it was blotted and smudged by finger, there weren’t any traces of an eraser at all. Teto froze when his eyes shifted to the stenciled in words, “Wake UP!” That was all that was written, he didn’t know what it meant. He read the words once again and was startled by a loud bell.

“Teto get up, class is over! What were you dreaming about now?” One of his friends nudged him awake as a group of boys laughed pointing at his red eyes and drool running down the side of his face. Teto was never the same after that.


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