Boom! It was over, just like that! There was no warning there was no notice, it just came to an end and Morris was left gazing into a huge plume of smoke. There was no one screaming around him. Everyone else was going about their business completely oblivious of the blinding smoke. A cough here, a cough there a large draw of phlegm by a passersby. They seemed completely blinded by the thick dark smog causing their bodies to react the way they did.

Morris stood there, stunned his jaw was knocking against his knees in awe. The emotion he felt, words couldn’t express, he dropped to his knees palms pressed against the concrete and his face fell to the ground as if in prayer and began to wail like a starved infant. Passersby walked over him with the occasional preoccupied individual treading on the sobbing man on the ground. It was quite fascinating, it was like seeing those random pictures of war torn cities with dilapidated buildings with a random intact statue. Almost like a miracle, only that this time there was only one person in an entire city of 5 million people aware that the equilibrium had shifted and the city was doomed.


The ground began to tremble and people continued to walk as if nothing was a miss. A woman in a tight ‘power’ suit and 4 inch shiny black heels swung her hips over the weeping lad and gently strolled to the other side of the street where a building collapsed. She gently dusted the shoulders of her suit with her perfect manicure and exclaimed, “Ah! The dust in this city, someone needs to sort that issue. Ah!”

A group of young boys sped by on their roller blades on the road in oncoming traffic causing a truck to swerve to avoid them and kill a mother and an infant. Blood was splattered all over the windscreen. The bodies lay limb on the windscreen, the driver screamed hysterically with blood streaming down his forehead. His colleagues were strewn lifeless on the inside of the mangled body of the truck. The police officer directing traffic yelled angrily at the driver to get off the road or face charges of obstruction. He was completely blind to what had happened. The driver was screaming louder and the cop waved his nightstick to a tow truck. The tow truck backed up to tow the mangled wreck and charge the ‘careless’ driver for obstruction. No one saw the lifeless mother and child. Only the driver saw and dealt with the consequences of someone else’s mistake. The rollerbladers were now long gone laughing and celebrating and practicing for their upcoming championships. The city was in disarray, death was near, but only those directly affected saw the gloom that was now neigh.


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