Heart Break

MAN 1: Man! Damn! She was stunning. I saw her from across the room. She was sipping on her milkshake with her legs crossed at her knees, her shiny black heels enriching her gorgeous mahogany skin. She was so fixated on her milkshake… it was cute. She barely lifted her gaze from her table. I had to work and steal my gaze from her to beat the disruptive deadline. Damn last minute clients! As soon as I hit send with the link and site details to the client, I lifted my head and came up for some more star gazing. There she was. Mmmm! Damn! There she was! She had moved to a vacant booth adjacent to mine. She had slipped off her heels and was rubbing her feet, her long…long luscious legs beckoning. Her skirt modest; I liked it. It was a tease. She was a dignified one; hard to find these days and worth the chase. Her silk cream blouse cupped her bosom and drew me to her long regal neck. Her long face and supple lips had me taken. I almost leapt across the room to whisk her off her feet and embrace my fantasy.

MAN 2: She called herself HB, she never told me why. I didn’t care! She was curiously different; she seemed to know me, every… single… part of me. She knew how to please and excite me. And she knew best just how to bring me to my knees to beg for mercy. She enjoyed that the most. I knew she was unhealthy; she would be the cause of my ruin. But I craved her the more she tried to push me away. “It was for my own good.” She would say seductively. The words would roll off her tongue, teasing me, rounded by her full, pink lips. I would give anything to see her say those words every hour… of every waking day. She cared, yet she tore me to pieces. I was her manikin, she could put me together however she pleased. Even if my elbow was lodged in my eyeball socket, it didn’t matter. She had me, she was me. She owned me.


MAN 1 & 2: The ride ended and the music was stripped away, she left me bare and yearning for more of her; even though it caused me unbearable and inconceivable agony. She never tried to be what she wasn’t. She was my Heart Break. And I needed the painful ecstasy even if it led me to my ruin.


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