Big Save

There they stood staring at each other. Okoth stood there drenched in his own blood and swollen. He was moaning like an injured animal. The crowd was littered with blood splattered faces. Bug eyed and angry, a young man’s pronounced lips moved in slow motion raising his club in the air over Okoth who was now slowly heading straight to the ground. Two women stood there drenched in blood they were not sure was their own. One woman’s scalp was a gushing bloody fountain. She lost consciousness and fell to the ground. The other blood drenched woman yelled and fell on the woman she simply called Mama!

A man riding a motorbike was drawn to the commotion and dashed straight to where the two women had fallen and felt for a pulse on both of them. They had steady pulses. His face was now covered with blood from the gushing artery. He quickly lifted and looked around in what sounded like a war torn village with machetes and clubs waving in the air. A large thudding sound stirred the ground beneath him. He looked around to see a mammoth of a man standing close to 7 feet high bearing a huge club with the girth the size of an adult human. He would periodically strike the ground, as he inched closer, with the heavy club while bearing a murderous grin.

The motorbike rider reached into his pocket, pulled out his phone and called some chap called Kama! He was literally screaming into the phone panicking. He hung up and dashed to the women. He had ripped off his T-shirt to serve as a tourniquet to Mama who was now almost bleeding to death. The young lady who now looked like Mama was now coming too and started to slap Mama awake. The thudding drew closer, the crowd had now grown silent and people froze once again and gazed upon the vast being.

Okoth was now in pieces, limbs strewn across the ground, skull cracked open. He was pulp, he was no more. People drew away from Okoth, the eldest of the crowd stepped back faster before turning and running to the nearby forest. The Mammoth chuckled and struck the ground again. This time all those who had not turned froze to the ground and were incapable of moving save for the Motorbike rider and the two women on the ground. Mama had come too and sat up. She lifted her head to a mammoth man gazing straight at her. He lowered his hand to her, she reached up and he lifted her effortlessly into his huge arms. And he carried her away as the young lady who was with her meekly followed.


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