No end in sight

It had been a long cold night and Haya hadn’t had anything to eat for the past week. She sat curled up in the corner staring in the dark hugging her knees rocking back and forth. Haya’s lips were chalk dry and her skin pale and lifeless. Just as she rocked forth again a rat stopped by her toe and nibbled at it. She just watched it as it began to blow and nibble her toe. She did not see the need to make an attempt to chase the rat or scream. To Haya in the lonely wet dump, the plague was the last of her worries. She needed a friend, and even if it meant letting a rat gnaw her, any company was good enough.

Haya had no idea where she was, she had canvassed the area several times looking for a way out past the adjacent forest. The last attempt she made to get past the forest, she had a dead Gazelle to thank for saving her from a wild dog. She got back to the house that evening drenched in sweat and dew, leaves and brush. It was a long tedious day which left her dead starving, that night when company came round, she stabbed it to death with a piece of broken glass and ate it raw. She didn’t have the time or care in the world to attempt to light a fire in the only dry space in the house, the three stones centred in the kitchen. Starvation has no room for creative alternatives.

Just that night while she craved for edible company, with the rain pouring and flooding the house, a brick flew in with the last piece of broken glass from the living room window. Haya barely moved, she slowed down her rocking and stared out the glassless doors for a few seconds and went back to staring at the blood stained walls opposite her. She was blank, she stood and walked up to the wall and heard footsteps wading through the tall grass outside the dilapidated mansion. They were steady. Haya accidentally kicked a glass bottle and the footsteps came to a halt.

“Now is when you show up ey?”She yelled in disgust.

The footsteps hastened and then suddenly stopped and from the moon reflected puddles on the floor Haya gazed upon a familiar reflection. She froze and her legs fell in front of her.


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