Lost Forever

“THE END!” For real! That is what he yelled and that was it. Splat! It was over. Agano lay still right in front of me, his brain strewn on the ground. My mouth was wide open and I just froze there staring. My mind was blank I just started crying. I had grown up with him. I knew him. Well I thought I knew him.

I was off to his office to check in on Agano; he had been down in the dumps the past few weeks. It really wasn’t anything, I thought, that we should worry about. He was going to be fine. He always was fine, he was the one who would break his back to cheer me up and I needed to return the favour. It was work stress, he always bitched about work. I always encouraged him to try something else and just quit. We had an open door policy in our homes; none of us would be homeless on the street and in need. We were friends forever.

Just this past Saturday we were hanging at our joint! He had his usual drink and I was busy experimenting virgin cocktails. “Why don’t you just tell him you like him?” Agano would laugh and tell me. He knew I adored the mixologist. There was a reason I was on virgin cocktails, because once any booze was introduced, the 2005 episode of bush barfing would repeat itself.

I smile sadly because even at his lowest Agano would cheer me up. I on the other hand found it hard to find the right words of encouragement, but Agano would oblige me a smile when I did try, “A for Effort!” he would always chuckle. He just became so hard to read lately. I just couldn’t figure out what was bothering him. Agano had lost both his parents and was adopted by mine, we grew up as siblings. He barely knew his parents, so I figured after 30 odd years, I doubt that would be it.

It was work, every job was a bitch fest, he just loved the regular income and was too lazy to run anything on his own. Then what was it? Did someone break his heart? No it couldn’t have been. He never hid his girlfriends and man-whoring partners from me. What was it?

I leaned over as I saw a bystander point at a white piece of paper in his hand. I knelt next to Agano and read; “I……Love…..Juice!” I laughed hysterically and thrust myself on the curb. That’s what he had been trying to tell me all this time. “You are my sister and what I want to tell you can’t be taken back and might make things weird between us.” That was what he told me last. I just never realised that it would tear us apart, literally.


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