Jokes on you!

The spotlight lit up and centered on the stage, then a drum roll and a man in a court jester’s hat emerged from the left side of the stage and stood right in the middle of the spotlight. There was pin drop silence. “Ladies and germs presenting this evening in a onetime only show…” The jester’s introduction was cut short by gasps and screams. Then the room fell silent again. The lights died and a commotion was heard.

What made the commotion curious was that it seemed to move in a circular motion across the room. Screams, groans and jostling of feet seemed to happen in an unusual interval. The jester dashed backstage to turn on the floor lights. When he did, he was left in awe. Shoes and clothes lay strewn across the floor and tables, corpses lay lifeless on the floor, on seats, chair legs had been pierced through people’s hearts and swollen throats with pale lips all lay in place of the lively audience that had been before him a few moments before.

The spotlight lit itself and seemed to be harsher, the jester could not see anything at all, save for a moving shadow. He screamed and ran to the changing room. He bumped into the club manager and fell comically on the floor and the whoopee cushion taped to his costume rear went off. The manager laughed, “Jess, that is your best performance yet, so believable. Not that forced crap you always do. Why are you doing it back here?”

The manager was left standing at the entrance of the changing room backstage as the jester ran off screaming. The rear door of the club let some light in for a split second as the jester ran out. The manager simply laughed and flung his arm at the slammed door and walked toward the stage. The spotlight was now flickering. In between the flickers the manager would see a shadow seem to move closer. He couldn’t see the crowd. He went back stage to turn down the lights intensity, when he did, he walked to the stage and nothing prepared him for what he saw.

The bodies were now more mutilated, limbs were strewn, entrails all over on table tops, and the life sucked out of bodies. They looked as though they had decomposed for over a year. The manager couldn’t scream, his mouth was ajar and his eyes wide open then he saw the shadow. He felt the air grow cold. The jester who was trembling right outside the clubs rear door, heard a blood curdling scream and ran.


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