Red had been avoiding Siron’s calls. It had been a week since they last spoke. “It really isn’t a big deal Siron.” Hal told him. This had happened before. “Remember when Siron had a lady friend over?” Siron smiled half heartedly to appease Hal. Hal just did not get it. How could he anyway? He spent more time smoking anything that was worth smoking and drinking. Hal had been smoking weed most of the night and had just finished his third bottle of Smirnoff. It was surprising the man was coherent in his speech.

“Let’s take you home, we will check on Red later. You may be right.” Siron gave in.

“Yeah, Lady friend.” Hal winked as he lit another joint which Siron aptly slapped out of his hand.

“Hey bro…!”

“The hell you are entering my car Hal with that joint, one of us high is enough.” Siron said pointing firmly at Hal to open the passenger side of the car to get in. Hal leniently obliged.

Siron put the key in the ignition, he leaned forward as if to start the car, then he fell head first on the steering wheel which let out a prolonged honk. “Dude you are so wasted!” Hal yelled excited, he grabbed Siron’s limp hand and Hal made them high five. “Dude! He reached for another ‘joint’ in his pocket. Siron had turned his head and saw Hal about to light up. He quickly grabbed the joint and threw it out of Hal’s window. Then Siron lifted off the steering wheel and thrust himself violently against the back of his car seat.


“Don’t ‘dude’ me Bro!” Siron responded sarcastically, Hal threw his hands up in surrender.

“Shoot me why don’t you”

“Hal don’t tempt me!”Siron pointed harshly at Hal and turned on the ignition and they pulled out of the parking lot. Siron saw from the side of his eye that Hal was about to say something, he quickly reached for the radio dial and turned it on. Hal looked at Siron, red eyed and sad, he pouted, letting out a strong stench of vodka and pretended he had a gun in his hand and gestured to imaginarily shoot out his brains.

They drove for about a half hour and suddenly the car came to a stop. Hal was snoring in the passenger seat unaware of what was going on. Siron rolled down his window and stared at the gate in front of him. He was having a debate in his mind; his facial expression revealed a violent argument was going on in his hand. He would wag his finger and at times shake his head, this mental confrontation went on for about 5 minutes. Siron got out of the car and knocked on the gate. A light went on and he could hear slippers dragging against the ground. He heard a key turn at the gate and Red opened the gate trembling and smelling of faeces. Red’s eyes were tearing and indicating for Siron to leave.


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