She was very dramatic. A simple splash of oil from the pan when she was searing some chicken would cause her to howl like a wounded animal. Shaka her husband was used to it, he also knew marrying Thambi meant starving. She was beautiful, young, ambitious and challenged Shaka to be a better person. But he sure knew there were sacrifices that he needed to make. On occasion Thambi would attempt a recipe she saw on a local TV show which would always tank.

Today Shaka was too tired to care, he had been looking at his cellphone and the dial-a-delivery flyer on the coffee table. He could here the occasional, ‘Ouch!’ ‘Aw!” from the kitchen; Thambi’s labour of love. He eventually reached out to his phone and the flyer. “Babe! Turn off the gas and wash up. You really don’t have to cook. We all know the outcome of it all.”

Normally Thambi just shrugs her shoulders and obliges. But today wasn’t going to be the same. “ You INGRATE! I know I can’t cook, but I try. God help me I try! What? You want to order more fatty food, you know what it does to me. Or do you want me fatter than I already am?”

Shaka was dumbfounded, he just stared at her in disbelief. When she had finished rambling he stood up from the couch and walked to her. She was holding a oily spatula in her left hand. And Shaka stood right infront of Thambi dwarfing her and he looked straight in her eyes. Thambi froze, Shaka’s eyes were fixed on hers, he didn’t bat an eyelid. Thambi began to shrink and her head slowly titled downward to a bow. Shaka lifted her chin with his left hand while taking the oily spatula with his right hand from Thambi’s hand and placed it on the Kitchen counter. She watched him as he did it. She uttered nothing, neither did Shaka.

Shaka took Thambi by her forearm and ushered her to the front door while picking his car keys and cellphone. He gave Thambi the usual ‘do you have your cellphone on you?’ look. She nodded knowing the look and out the door they went. While Shaka was locking the front door with his back facing the gate. Thambi started screaming again. “Shooosh! For goodness sakes!” Shaka said as he turned. And right in the middle of his eyes blood splattered and Shaka wacked his head against the front door and slid down with his face bust open by a bullet. Thambi was screaming frantically. She was trying to hold Thambi’s face, or whatever was left of it.



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