Kama just sat there completely unfazed. Randa had been stabbed and lay before him blood strewn with a knife in his chest, women were screaming around him begging for him to be taken to hospital for medical attention. The culprit who had stabbed Randa was now long gone. No one knew the cause of the mêlée and the resulting demise of Randa. They didn’t say it, but with a track record like Randa’s, most were surprised that this didn’t happen sooner.

The women led by Randa’s mother and sisters ran to his side when they had heard a brawl about 200m away in the market. Randa was always picking fights in the town centre which the shop owners had genuinely been exhausted by. There had been a bounty put on Randa’s head for his last incident. He pounced, unknowingly, on the Provincial Commissioner. It didn’t require a genius to identify the P.C. He was in uniform and wherever he went people called him Mheshimiwa and Bwana P.C.  Well that still wasn’t obvious enough for Randa.

And today he lay in his blood, cold and with only one potential witness of the crime hypnotized by miraa on a stool looking like he’s about to pass out any moment. Randa’s mum lifted her son’s head to her chest wailing and frustrated with, the ‘high’ zombie, Kama on the stool arms length away from her emotionless. She got so upset she kicked his stool and Kama fell over face first on some of the broken beer bottles on the floor. Then Randa’s mum went ballistic on him.

She began to kick him in the head screaming. “How can you just sit there and do nothing while my son is killed?!” She was shrieking at the top of her lungs. Everyone around the area stood still and stared in shock. Silence veiled the area. And then a harsh gale began to whisk leaves into the air. Twigs began to break off trees and swat anyone in their way. Steadily larger and bulkier objects were whisked into the air.

At this point the silence was now muffled by screaming, people were running to seek refuge away from the flying debris. Randa’s mum’s eyes were fixed on Kama. In her eyes he was as guilty as the man who killed her rouge son. One of her daughters, Kalita, had made several attempts to grab her mother to safety. Kalita was slapped by her mother. No one else attempted to help her after that. Randa’s mum was out for blood, it was in her eyes and no one was going to try to come between that. She made one step toward the now bleeding and unconscious Kama, but was cut short when he scarf around her neck got caught in flying debris and off she went never to be seen again.


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