Revving symphony

The roar of that engine got me giddy inside like a 12 year old. I had just bumped into Allan in town and we were conversing. But the conversation was soon disrupted when I heard a revving bike. I literally raised my hand to signal Allan to fall silent. I know it was rude; Allan attempted to raise his voice above the rev to express his disapproval of my actions. I closed my eyes in awe and in love with the repetitive rev. It was like classical music and whoever ran the ignition was submissive to my imaginary baton guiding each and every rev.

I saw smoke in the distance and then I heard another set of revs from different bikes. I dashed and left Allan rambling on in irritation. I had to meet the people behind this musical genius. I didn’t think, my eyes were focused on my location, from a distance I could hear screeching, hooting and insults in the air. I hadn’t realized how callous I was running till a blinding light zoomed passed me, with someone yelling out “WATCH IT IDIOT!” with a tinge of a West African accent.

I slowed down and hopped on to the pavement for a few seconds, the closeness of the car scared me a bit. If he was any closer I would have been road kill. I ran and ran and there it was a dozen sets of two wheels of dazzling beauty. The gleaming rims and two exhausts jutting out of the rear made me want to cry. It was so beautiful. The rev was musical. My mind had wandered and I had lost track of what I was doing physically. This time I wasn’t running in traffic, I was rubbing a biker’s back like I was trying to get laid. All I remember is him smiling back and letting me sit on his bike. He smiled again and he placed the helmet on my head and let me rev the bike. I opened the visor of the helmet and smiled at the biker and said “thank you.” I walked away with a huge grin.

‘Hey! I didn’t get your name madam!’ The biker yelled as I walked away. I grinned and turned cheekily and said, “My name is Harley……just Harley” and walked away. I hadn’t felt so alive since that day.


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