Love Separated us

Dear bastard who left me,

You know yourself. You treated me like your queen, your entire existence, even your friends and family complained about it. They said you were spoiling me. I knew you weren’t you gave me all of you. And I still love you for it.

I thank you for that. I thank you for the tears that you wiped and the comfort you gave me every evening after a horrible day. You would spoil me with treats to cheer me up. Thanks for the wisdom you shared when I was lost and for the loving reprimand you accorded me when I wallowed in self-pity.

I am angered that you didn’t fight for us harder, that despite the years we had been together you opted to have your own peace. You left me with this hurt, with this pain. You said you would love me till the end. To what end, now it seems clear. It was till you got tired of being around me.

And the thing you now put your arms around….look at her! What does she have to offer you that I couldn’t give? Does she listen attentively to you like I did? Does she rub your back when you are grumpy in the morning to ease your tension? Does she feel comfortable when you are completely vulnerable after coming back home and feeling beaten down by the world? Tell me? What is her allure? What is it that she has that I couldn’t give you?

Writing this is now exhausting me, I will hate you for the rest of eternity for leaving me Dad! It’s been 10 years and that woman, Death, which you courted, ripped you out of our lives in ways that you can’t imagine. I hate you and her for being together. If there was a way I could win you back and spend more time with you I would.

We all miss you and despite the pain, I still love you.


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