“I am right here!”

‘Oh! Sorry I didn’t realize I was shouting, sorry.”

“Like you ever realize!”

“I don’t appreciate the sarcasm”

“Look, we are planning a breakout; I don’t intend the whole world to join.”

“You were to use the hand signals as we agreed to indicate when I am shouting.”

“That would have worked if your ass wasn’t in my face and we were digging through a tunnel.”

“Oh! Sorry Lucy.” Rosa says with a sheepish look on her dusty white face.

“You know what Rosa? Maybe this might not work out anyway.”

“Lucy?! Not this again!”

“Don’t give me that disappointed look.”

“Why shouldn’t I? Every time we make some progress you freak out and bail on me. I know I am a human megaphone but that really isn’t the reason is it Lucy?”

Lucy shrugged her shoulders and her gaze fell to the ground. They heard footsteps heading toward their room. Rosa pointed sternly at the poster on the floor. Lucy fell to the ground and grabbed it and plastered it over the hole they had dug in the wall and jumped onto her bed letting out a squeaky sound from the springs. Rosa had hopped onto her top bunk and was feigning sleep talking.

The footsteps drew closer to the entrance of their room and the door opened with a creak followed by a bright flash light. “Psst!” a voice said persistently. Rosa upped the ante in her feigned sleep talking by getting deafeningly loud. “Pssssssssssssssssstttt!” the voice persisted and now shone the light directly at Rosa. Rosa woke up yelling. A smelly huge hand smacked her mouth shut. Rosa tried to fight back, but she felt another hand clasp her arms down and another set pinned her legs down. She was wriggling around in her bed violently trying to break loose.

Once again the persistent ‘Pssssssssstttt” was at it again. Rosa bit the smelly hand and another hand smacked her in the face and got her in the eye. She screamed under the now chocolaty smelling new hand.

“They found out.” Lucy whispered in Rosa’s ear to calm her down. The torch shifted position. Rosa tried to adjust to the darkness and hopefully figure out who these goons were that Lucy had colluded with. When Rosa finally locked eyes with Lucy, the hand over her mouth slid off. Rosa began to spit violently.

“What the HELL…” She was cut short by Lucy’s usual expression detesting her loudness, “really Rosa?”

“SORRY!” Rosa barked.

“Look they are here, we have no choice!” Lucy shrugged at the direction of the group of assailants.

“We haven’t finished digging the tunnel!” Rosa barked.

“WHAT?!” several voices chimed in shock!


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