Bitter memories

Dad lied. He said that we will be back. I should have got the hint when my friends threw me a farewell party. I thought we would be back in London after a short stay away and that the farewell party was because we weren’t going to live in the same neighbourhood on our return. The plane ride was great, then we landed in a really hot and humid place. On arrival we were taken to some office in the airport and had to sit and wait for whoever dad was waiting for.

That wasn’t the only time he lied to me. He lied again when Mum left, she decided to live away from us. I don’t know why. All I knew was that we could see her on school holidays because she now worked in another town. Funny it was a couple secret to keep the truth from their children but I was more resentful toward my dad than I was mum.

Every holiday we would go out of town, I looked forward to spending time with Mum than annoying maids who either smelled bad or couldn’t cook to save their lives or both. The only part of the visits I hated was mum forcing us up early at 6am to work. It was the freaking the holiday! The one holiday that I will never forget was the holiday that we went to the village and were forced to undergo Christina confirmation in Luo. The Nicene Creed and the Lord’s Prayer has a new kind of religious burden in a different language. I remember people laughing at Trick because he weng’ed Luo. I was mad as hell; I almost slapped a girl who stood next to me laughing at him.

That wasn’t the worst of that holiday, on confirmation day I had to tie a white headscarf like an old woman. Because why? Because that showed purity, hiding my hair was a sign of purity, bull! We had no say in this whole nonsense, we were signed up and whisked to the village to ‘strengthen our faith’ through a humiliating experience. Where was dad when all this was happening? He was at work in the city and also buying our Luo Bibles as a gift for confirmation.

This was the same year that the red army came visiting, so here I was meant to be in celestial white with the red army ravaging through my body. I hated dad for not being there with Mum and us when we were rehearsing the useless creeds. Mum played along well, she seemed used to the disappearance.


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