Suffocating existence

Kori sat in the tub, she had had it. Another night of cold showers, the heaters did not work and she was not allowed to light the stove to warm hot water. Her aunt only allowed her demon child to be bathed in hot water. Her aunt always drummed in the fact that they, her and the maid, were ‘lucky’ that she gave them a roof over their heads.

Kori knew she didn’t deserve this treatment and she knew it well. She had had enough it was time to stand up for herself. Kori was fed up of the ice cold showers, yet she was expected to bathe the ‘demon’ child with warm water. A child who was now verbally abusive, who had no respect and assumed that Kori and the maid were paupers mooching off of mother’s meagre income.

Kori was fed up of her whore aunt who spent more time bringing in married men she sleeps around with and less time raising Satan’s spawn. “Why don’t you clean up after yourselves?” Kori’s aunt would bark. “Who said you could eat chapatti for dinner?” Kori’s aunt would detest what they ate as well because she believed she knew what food they deserved. They deserved the regular Ugali and Sukuma if she felt inspired Kori and the maid would have eggs with the Ugali, while Satan junior ate chips and sausages that Kori and the maid slaved away to make.

One rainy Sunday afternoon, Kori’s aunt walked in through the front door in the arms of one her many man whores. Her aunt inebriated yelled for her to fetch them some wine glasses and bring them to her bedroom. Kori stood and stared enraged. “Did you not hear what I said Kori?” Kori looked at her aunt then at her whore and then back at her aunt and spat in her face.

Kori’s aunt grabbed her and in readiness to slap her, Kori broke free and ran to the shared bedroom and locked herself in. Her aunt rammed into the door demanding that she open the door. This went on for 20 minutes as the man whore began to look at the maid, suggestively, who was now stunned and silently observing what ensued. Kori’s aunt kicked the door repeatedly, “Get out you ungrateful pauper, your poor parents are the reason you are here!” Kori’s aunt yelled.

Kori sat on the bed shaking her head wondering how she got here in the first place; her parents didn’t demand that she live there. Her aunt offered, but instead she turned this into domestic servitude, Kori knew she was lucky to be in school. That was the one thing she had. Kori sat on the bed in tears, as her aunt drummed the door. It was a matter of time before she broke into the room and beat her black and blue once again.


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