Street justice

With the flick of her wrist the nightstick extended and Karina slowly crept by the cars headed toward her assailant. She was not going to let another woman go through what she had went through. Karina’s heart began to beat faster, “I will not be a victim” she said under her breath. She heard footsteps on the asphalt and began to inch from behind a van ready to avenge herself.

Karina peered round the corner of the van to ensure that she wasn’t spotted. He passed her heading toward his front door. She pounced on him while his back was faced her and WHAM! She pulvarised him with her nightstick. She was silent with blood splattering all over her clothes and face. The man turned to face her, and fight her off. She overpowered him after kneeing him in the crotch. His face and hands were drowned in his own blood after attempting to get hold of the nightstick to stop the attack. He screamed but no one came to his aid.  The lights in the neighbouring houses went on, people peeped helplessly through their windows, as the man cried out in agony. You could hear doors being locked. No one was going to do anything. Karina stopped abruptly and stood up. The man lifted himself up reached for her leg. She kicked him in the face and he let out a blood curdling cry. “My face! My face! What did I do to deserve this? Why?”

The man screamed relentlessly. Two police officers on patrol in the area with AK 47s on their shoulders looked in the direction the sound came from. They saw Karina dash from the scene, one officer chased her shooting in the air. The second officer bent over to check the man’s vitals. “What is your name kijana?” The man’s eyes were swollen and he could barely see he groaned out his name. The cop couldn’t hear him. “Ati nani? Usinipotezea wakati kijana.” The cop’s insensitive demand made the man yell, “Milo fala wewe!” then his head fell back to the ground.

The cop wasn’t very patient with Milo. ‘A man who is named after food and you can afford to shamelessly yell it at me?” The cop kicked him in the ribs and walked off.  Milo yelled in agony. The cop spoke into his walkie talkie and a few minutes later a siren could be heard. The cop walked and leaned on a lamp looking on awaiting the ambulance.


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