Diarised Fear

I didn’t realise how active my mind was till I was with some friends and a friend mentioned that he was interested in producing a series of short films. I applauded him, I was in awe of how cool that idea was and he mentioned the genre that he preferred; Horror. I am not a fan of horror at all. After watching the Excorcism of Emily Rose you kind of realise that some horror movies aren’t just dumb ass dark comedy  like Beetle Juice or Little Shop of Horrors. In my mind real deal horror movies are the re-enactment of the real deal spiritual stuff.

My mind is running and even writing this has got my heart racing a bit about this. Crap the TV has started flickering! Maybe I should stop, breath, breath………

OK. It has been about an hour since I started writing, but I am still a bit iffy. Alright, the reason why I stay away from horror is I believe in the supernatural, the spiritual and when you have a priest flicking holy water or oil on someone speaking in Latin. First I am a bit concerned by what the hell he is saying. Two, I am not sure if the man might be conjuring up more drama. And three since it is spiritual, I believe that by being a passive observer of a recorded film doesn’t mean spiritual things like demons respect time and space. What I am driving at is I think that demons and stuff can possess you from watching that stuff. That is why I cannot watch things like Paranormal activity. It is the real deal.

I have no idea why people choose to tell scary stories at night. Spiritual things aside my grandmother would wait till after dinner at around 8 pm, no electricity and only the flickering of a tin kerosene lamp to tell us about leopards that would devour us and liked hiding in mango trees because the foliage gave great cover. Great! Then once she is done and cackles like a witch who just conjured something up to devour her enemy, all the grandchildren in the room have a sudden urge to pee. There isn’t any indoor plumbing so we use a pit latrine. And where is the pit latrine? Thank you for asking. The pit latrine is 200 metres from the house just right after the huge mango tree that is now moving from a ‘slight’ wind.


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