Noxious nervousness

Petronilla was so nervous she almost threw up on the person seated in front of her in the waiting room. Her palms were sweaty and no amount of wiping against her skirt was going to solve it. She belched on occasion and by the looks of the people around her not all was well. The constant waft of boiled eggs had people sitting now about 4 rows away of her.

Her foot now couldn’t stop tapping the ground, now people were getting irritated by Petronilla’s nervous ticks in the waiting room. Petronilla’s body was bursting with gas and fluids she just couldn’t wait any longer a final heave let out a colossal invisible cloud of noxious fumes.

The security guard grabbed Petronilla by the arm. “Madam umetuweza leo! Hata kama ni uoga hiyo yako ni ya majini!” As if evil spirits would be the cause of her nervousness. She was shoved into the ladies and the guard yelled from the other side of the door. “We will call you when it is your turn!”

Petronilla farted one more time and fainted, this was too much for her to take. The last time she had anticipated something this long was her 18th birthday when she awaited her ‘O’ level results. This was her once in a life time opportunity to live her dream.

Petronilla was awoken by the clicking sound of heels. She looked up, “Are you ok?” She jumped up and said nothing. Petronilla thought it was one of the immigration staff checking to see if she was capable of travel. “Don’t worry; I know how nerve racking it is.” The lady consoled her helping Petronilla up and dust the little bits of tissue off.

“Your first time to travel far from home?”

“Yes” Petronilla burped out covering her mouth looking down.

“Here!” The lady offered Petronilla water in a bottle and some Eno

“Thank you!” Petronilla burped out again, now utterly embarrassed.

As Petronilla swallowed and tossed the bottle in the garbage and looked at the lady with puppy eyes about to ask something, someone knocked the door. “Wewe…Petronilla ni wewe njo!”

Petronilla shied off from what she was about to say and meekly said thank you with her head down and walked out of the washroom.


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