Sita woke up and stretched, she opened her mouth and yawned loud and prolonged and made a finisher smacking sound with her lips. She opened her eyes and everything was dark. She blinked, it was still dark. She closed her eyes for about 10 seconds then pressed her eyelids down hard and opened her eyes as wide as she could. It was still dark as soot. She touched her eyes and her face to see that everything was intact.

‘Maybe this is just a bad dream I will wake up soon. Do not panic Sita. It’s just a really really bad dream.’ Sita consoled herself and sighed and then began to feel around. The room was damp and smelt like safari ants but not quite; she couldn’t put her finger on the smell. Sita’s feet felt unusually cold. Something moved when she reached down and she froze. She looked side to side in the pitch darkness. The floor beneath her was moving, she held the walls which were also very slippery, her nails dug into the wall.

“This shouldn’t be happening!” Sita was getting really nervous the floor moved again and she bit her lower lip to prevent herself from screaming. Something began to climb up her leg, she was sweating and her stomach was churning. She held her breath and bit her lip so hard it began to bleed. Then she heard a hiss. Sita could feel the solidity of the ground beneath her separating and becoming more fluid. She began to hobble and grasp at the walls which by now she figured were mud because her fingers kept sinking inside them. She felt something slither over her arm and up the wall.

Then all of a sudden light appeared above her. ‘Jesus?! Am I dead?’ A loud earth shattering chuckle emerged from the light. “Stupid girl!” Sita had no idea who that was. There wasn’t anything godly about his voice and the light blinded her. She felt something hit her head as the light slowly dimmed and became pitch black again. A snake fell on her and she screamed. She lifted the thing that hit her on the head. It was a bucket and there was something soft in it, she felt around and felt something big and round roll around her palm. She jolted and dropped the bucket.

Sita gazed around hoping to see something. She felt hungry and felt around for the bucket. She found it and placed her hands in and felt for the soft and squishy thing. As she reached in, her hand hit the rolling object in the bucket again she pulled out her hand and accidentally hit a snake that hissed on another side of the bucket. Sita didn’t realize how close the snake was, she felt a sharp pain on her nose and she screamed and fell to the ground and hit her head on something hard and sharp that wasn’t there before.


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