Jokes on you!

Her arms were firmly clasped around his waist. Her hold was like Belt’s in The Croods. She was not letting go, she was clamped to Feli’s waist. She looked down then up at him straight in the eye seeking reassurance. He looked at her gave her a soft and broad smile and let out a chuckle. She pinched him on his back to get back for his mocking laughter. Feli pretended to slip off the edge of the cliff with some loose rocks falling down the canyon. She started thumping at his back with a fearful and angry expression on her face. Feli laughed so hard his entire body shook. He looked down at Seruni and kissed her forehead.

“Hold on tight. Trust me!” He said with a wink. Seruni simply smacked her lips letting out a wet mssst sound. He looked at her again and laughed. She looked up at him and her brow was now caving in on itself from frowning too much. Seruni sighed and clasped Feli’s waist again.

“Ready?” Feli asked reassuringly. Seruni nodded with her eyes closed and then Feli counted to 10 they both took a deep breath and they were off. 150 ft in the air on a bungee cord. Seruni could hear a prolonged whistle in the air. She felt free and ripped off of Feli and spread open her arms screaming with exhilaration as she plunged toward the river bed below. She was in full flight loving it and screaming like a banshee. Feli was screaming like Fred Flinstone flailing like a mad man headed for his dramatic plunge in the opposite direction. Feli liked the cord slightly longer so that he can smack into the water head first. He kind of got a bit too overexcited screaming and took a huge gulp of water.

When they stopped spinning and hung from their heels in mid air a small canoe was paddled in their direction to draw them to the shore to lie on their back and steady their blood flow. As they lie side by side on the shore, Seruni turned her head and looked at Feli and began to chuckle and kick her legs up in the air. Feli looked at her confused but tickled by her. “Told you not to be afraid!” and he joined her in laughter. Seruni was now laughing so hard, she had sat up to hold her tummy from the ache. Feli now looked really confused. She pointed at Feli’s shorts.He had ripped them right in the middle in flight. He was now wearing two separate pieces of cloth terribly unamused.


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