Predriki had been a security guard at the cotton gingery for a year. He had served diligently and had fought off thieves fiercely for his employer. Omuga had been paying Predriki 1,000 Kenya shillings with the exact note. And at every end of month Predriki would always be grateful and would dance his unusual gyration and fist thump ‘dance of joy’.

A few months later Omuga left to attend to business out of town. He left a supervisor, Woro, to handle administration. Predriki was on time as usual and being end month as he walked in at Sunset at 7 pm Woro gave him his pay. When Predriki got home he realized something was very unusual. He kept it to himself and decided that he would confide in Omuga once he returned.

Several months passed, Woro, as assigned, never failed to pay Predriki, but there was still something that felt off for Predriki. He would smile, salute when he got paid but his dance of joy was dampened to the point he never did it anymore. Woro could see the now very common forlorn look on Predriki’s face. Woro assumed he simply missed Omuga.

On the evening at the end of the six month away, as Woro promised, Omuga was back. And Predriki broke down like he had been paid 6 times his income. He almost put his back out with his epileptic seizure inspired dance of joy.  It took 20 minutes for Omuga to calm him down. After all the pomp and crazy fanfare Predriki requested to speak to Omuga alone. Which Omuga obliged.

“You see while you have been away something changed.” Predriki started.

“What do you mean changed? Did Woro do anything to harm you?”

“Not quite sir…” There was some hesitation and Predriki looked down and placed his hands in his pocket and began to fumble for something. He pulled out a wad of cash from each pocket.

“You see the money on my left side is what you used to pay me.” Omuga was stunned, 12 thousand shillings in 1,000 shilling notes unused after close to two years of work.

“You see this money from my right side? This is what Woro has been paying me since you left.”

Woro had been peeping through the window in the manager’s office and was stunned. All the 50, 100 and 200 shilling notes he had used to pay Predriki were revealed, he knew Predriki was illiterate but he had no clue the old scheming geezer was a miser .


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