Sibling rivalry

Wind blew long and hard, uprooting trees and ripping roofs off homes. Families were torn from each other, cold and alone. The Wind howled long and hard, excited that it had proved a point. “I always knew that I was the strongest of us all!” He chuckled oblivious to the hurt and chaos he had brought with him.

“No I am even stronger than you Wind! I don’t just brake and spoil things I wipe out generations!” As Rain spoke, a flash of lightning appeared followed by a shuddering clap of thunder and the skies opened. Rain chuckled as it slowly increased and began to flood. The already homeless population ran for cover wherever they could, some climbed to the top of electricity poles and trees. Others ran to the nearest library; the 10 storey fortress would be some form of shelter at that height.

“Where do they think they are going?” Rain remarked almost tickled by the people’s efforts to find shelter. He held in his belly and the rain decreased substantially. There was relief and more people climbed down from their precarious positions on poles to the library and any other tall buildings that were still intact after the Wind’s mess.

Rain whistled and exhaled, his big gut shuddered as he expelled all he had. Rain doused the area, streets were now invisible, some children were swept away in the current of the floods, cars were now submerged. Rain chuckled and then looked at the wind who now stared in awe. He saluted and winked with pride at the Wind. Rain laughed so hard, he began to tear, his tears began to cause more havoc on the earth that was now awash with floating corpses and trembling individuals in buildings praying in submission to their awaited fate.

Sun emerged and shone on Wind and Rain’s faces demanding to know the purpose of such destruction. “Now you want to act like the parent in this situation brother?” Rain laughed. “You were always the model child weren’t you Sun?” Wind chimed in sarcastically.

“This really isn’t time for childhood feuds. These are lives that we are jeopardizing.” Yeah right!

The two weren’t listening to Sun as always. Sun was the model child who understood and practiced the restraint that these elements of the earth had been taught by their parents. Sun was always out to cover and redeem the callousness of his two brothers who were now out of control.


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