Forest Bungle

They had been running for miles. Every single route they took around the forest looked the same and ended up in the same twisted net of gargantuan trees and foliage. It had been Ben’s stupid idea to play hide and seek in the deep of the forest. The children hadn’t fathomed its size. Having four entrances from four different highways across the city should have been a tell tale sign of the vastness of the forest but this dumb quartet of friends dismissed its size.

Akinyi was running around like a mad woman screaming with tears streaming down her cheeks demanding to know where they were, with the occasional “Where is my Mama? Karis I blame you!” Karis just kept shrugging his shoulders; he really was apathetic to the situation. He had a blast, it was his bright idea to just explore and run and not keep track of the route they followed in to the forest. “It will be fun, loosen up!” Ben mocked Karis’ earlier remark as they walked into the forest hoping also to distract Akinyi’s anger from him.

AraNaa had taken a walk from the trio and was busy making peace with nature. She returned with a huge leaf filled with berries and offered them to her friends. She was the nature geek who loved where they were. She wasn’t moved at all by the fact that they were completely lost. Ben started to complain about something then they felt the ground shake. Ara Naa dropped and lay prostrate on the ground, flipped her braids to one side of her head and then laid the bare ear on the ground. Her eyes expressed deep concentration which then evolved to disbelief more concentration and finally shock. She jumped to her feet then yelled, “RRRUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNN!!!!” as she herself ran. The boys ran in opposite directions.

Akinyi was frozen in her position.She wasn’t screaming now, she was sobbing and soiled herself. AraNaa had climbed a huge tree and was seated on a thick branch. She had been trying to get Akinyi’s attention and had even thrown some of her berries at her to stop sobbing and climb the tree for safety. Because whatever AraNaa had detected was coming hard and fast. AraNaa could see branches breaking under the weight of the mammoth creatures that were heading in their direction.

AraNaa quickly climbed down with the agility of a monkey and yanked Akinyi who was now dripping and smelling of wet dirt, piss and mucus. Akinyi ran as she wiped her nose with the back of hand and wiped it against her soiled jeans. AraNaa boosted her up and demanded her to hold on to the branches. Akinyi was really scared and really stinky now. The piss was only a warning sign of what else couldn’t be seen through her jeans. AraNaa climbed up the trunk again to the upper branches where she had sat as she spat. Akinyi was really stinking up nature.


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