Drew’s first exorcism

The sky had suddenly turned from blue to indigo with pregnant and angry clouds. Spatters of rain emerged with violent winds that blew hats off heads. The priest’s chanting had now progressed from a calm conversational tone; to loud animated commands. His hair was now standing and his eyes were like flames raging in his bulging eyes; his hands were raised in front of him. The violent flapping of his cassock added to the dramatic effect of the moment.

The priest stood on a 6 foot high mound of soil, soil that had been removed from the six foot deep grave that was now where Abedi’s hands and feet had been tethered to the ground and spread above his head and beneath his torso. As the storm grew more violently and soil from the mound began to steadily wash dirt in to the grave, Abedi grew violent and his head began to turn rapidly and violently from side to side as if it was trying to unscrew itself. He was growling and spitting like a viper.

“His tongue is black!”

“Really Thomas? You can’t lie while the four of us are hear and an exorcism is ongoing. You might end up possessed with what he has.” Eric retorted.

Abedi reached up trying to rip out of the restraints. The priest began to flick drops of holy oil at Abedi as he made several Latin citations wrapping up every citation with “in nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.”

Every time the priest said those words Abedi would get more violent and began to say things in what was some supposed evil dialect. That only experienced priests like Father Omari could understand.

Peter was now crouched under one of the trees overcome with guilt. He had told the father that Abedi had, had an evil spirit possessing him. It was a joke just to see how far things would go in class after the topic of exorcism had been raised. Peter had avenged his, one month kitchen duty punishment, after Abedi told Father Phillip that Peter spent more time with his hand under the sheets in the room than his Bible.

And there was Abedi being restored from the brink of spiritual destruction. The rain slowly began to yield and as it did the calmer Abedi became, and the less animated Father Omari became. Then all of a sudden Andrew heard a ring. He had been a silent bystander in all of this as it occurred, scared senseless. The ring got louder and more persistent.

Andrew turned and opened his eyes. He was drenched in his own sweat and there was his mother staring at him confused. Andrew jolted and sat up when his eyes met hers. She looked at him and said “get up Drew, it’s 7am; time to get ready for school.” Andrew looked around and touched himself to see if that moment was real. He pinched himself and groaned and felt his bed and realized he had wet the bed, the urine reeked.

From the corridor his mother yelled.

“I thought I told you not to watch any of those exorcism movies Drew!”


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