Pay back

“Fatty fatty bamboola!” one kid would yell at Peter and run. “Fatso!” another would shriek and run and hide. Peter was tired of being taunted by the other kids in the playground. Peter would get back at the other children during play time. His favourite game was anything that was a contact sport, his father used to play rugby. He created his own rugby ball from plastic bags and sisal, it wasn’t aerodynamically perfect but it served the purpose.

Peter’s first tact was to be ‘kind’ to the other children and get as many involved and teach them the basics of the game. Once he did that for about a week or two, it was ON! By the end of the first day at lunch break, children had broken limbs and lacerations that taught the other children not to mess with Peter any more. Fast forward to 2012 and Peter…well little Peter is now the proud father of his own trio of Rugby legend sons. He runs his own sports magazine and sports apparel franchise and believe it or not that ‘fatty fatty bamboola’ got the girl. Magdalene was the reason boys woke up in the morning to go to school, she could never do or look wrong. She was smart, articulate and was the envy of every girl in school.

Magda, as they like to call her, was an athlete, long distant runner with calfs that would make Aphrodite hang herself. She spoke 7 languages, she was the model ‘A’ student and was the youngest saxophonist in the Nairobi Orchestra. Magda was the annoying poster child that most children were fed up of hearing about at home. One person who hated them both in school and throughout adulthood was Jeremy. Jeremy was an average student who gave everything a shot; he was never really good at anything. Jeremy’s life was like he was, average, nothing extraordinarily great or bad really happened to him. He hadn’t got married and was never really lucky with work. He was now running his own website development set up.

He spent most of his time cyber stalking his ex classmates and then hacking their accounts and spamming damning information on the account holders; that was what he was good at. Jeremy just turned into this bitter narcissist. His latest acquisition was the contact details of the ‘model’ couple after a school reunion. He was fed up of reading the success of the Kiondui’s in the papers and watching their picture perfect family portrait interviews on the news. He needed something that would put him on the map as well. Jeremy hacked into Magda’s email account and alas to his pleasure he found the dirt he needed to get back at this ‘perfect couple’.


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