Love’s tragedy

She cycled like a fiend, wind in her hair, kissing her face, her feet pedaling faster and faster. No scuttling ant or squirrel would be spared. She just wanted to fly, fly and take off to a land never known never explored. As she sailed down the dirt path in the forest she spread her arms out and lifted her face to the sun that peeped through the canopies. She sighed and began to laugh infectiously, she was free. Free at last, nothing was going to hold her back.

A skid, bang and crash of glass to the ground was all Gloria could recall just 10 months ago. She was on her way to a weekend escapade with her fiancé. She was driving to the train station where she would hop on to a train and meet him in Nakuru. She was so ecstatic. Gloria hadn’t seen Patrick in 8 months and she had so much to share with him. Gloria was a stickler for rules. She had waited at the junction by the stop sign waiting for the road to clear. Once it did as she turned onto the main highway an 18 wheeler trailer swerved in illegally and rammed into her. Gloria swerved and rammed into oncoming traffic. A pile up of close to 20 cars some toppled to the side, others rammed in the rear of each other, lay there in the wake of the dumb ass trailer driver.

Gloria passed out. The driver of the trailer got out and ran, irate members of the public, who had witnessed the accident, ran after him. Gloria’s forehead was bleeding with several lacerations on her chest arms and multiple broken bones in her legs. The last thing Gloria could recall was a gentle hand grasping her arm. And a persistent, “Can you hear me Gloria?”

It somehow worked out well for Gloria, but it didn’t for her and her fiancé. Patrick wasn’t up to it. “I can’t do this anymore.” Was all he could say about having to wake up at night and help her relieve herself. “I know they said in sickness and in health….”

Patrick started in the last conversation they had. But that was pretty much all Gloria let him say. “GET OUT!” was how she ended it. Three months in and Patrick couldn’t take the heat of being a potential spouse. The engagement ended. But 7 months later here was Gloria with a new lease of life.


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