Bowels of terror

Groooowl! Grooooooooooooooooowl! Theresa’s stomach kept at it. She knew she shouldn’t have stuffed her face with the cheese sandwich at tea break. Groooowl! It got so loud her fellow panelists at the table began to shift in their seats very uncomfortable with the occasional glance in her direction when they heard her tummy. Theresa’s brow was now polka dotted with sweat, she couldn’t hide her discomfort any longer.

The straw that broke her bowls was the silent and deadly smell of diarrhea that wafted its way from the podium to the front row that left a trail of pale and pink faced delegates coughing in complete shock. The rapporteur couldn’t take it anymore and unconventionally approached the chair to request for a 20 minute recess, the room needed to aerate and more people needed to expel gas after the tornado of Theresa’s bowls had saturated the conference room.

A knock of the gavel and a short announcement and delegates ran out of the conference room for the hall. Some were so sick they threw up outside the hall on the carpet. One cleaner who was standing at the entrance to the hallway where the delegates now congregated eyeballed the puke then the deliverer of the good. His eye began to twitch with rage. He pursed his lips and lifted the mop that he had in hand gripping the handle really tight. He shook his head and cursed something and walked toward the puke.

He grabbed the sick delegate by the arm and walked him to the gents. The delegate, lucky for the cleaner let it out in a sink. The cleaner clicked and walked off. He headed straight for the lobby were now Theresa was puking her guts out in the exact same spot. He stood there and groaned loud. “What the hell did you people eat today?” He yelled and grabbed Theresa by the arm, she wasn’t as strong. Now, unknown to the cleaner; Theresa was soiling herself. It was black and gooey and it was streaming out fast, her leg was now coated in it and her shoes were filling fast with it.

The cleaner turned and looked at her again. Her face was getting redder and she was clasping her really loud tummy breathing hard, she had no idea which end it was going to come out from. More people ran past to the wash room also throwing up now. The security set off an alarm. And everyone was locked in. The delegates of this singular conference room seemed to be plagued by something. The air ducts were shut to avoid further spread of whatever this air bug was.


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